Billy Long is Wrong for Missouri 7 - Hitler Weighs in on Billy Long (HITLER VIDEO BILLY LONG)

by the Left Coast Rebel

Billy Long is Wrong for Missouri's Seventh Congressional district. Seeing that Billy Long's 'ah shucks' campaign (and assumed shoe-in for the nomination in MO-7) is sinking faster than a bottle of whiskey in the Mississippi River is not surprising. Seeing that he seems to tweet with said bottle of whiskey in one hand and a iPhone in the other is, perhaps. Now that Bungalow Bill has been noticed by Rush Limbaugh as well I bet that Billy Long is quaking in his cowboy boots. Do you think that Bungalow Bill might be interviewed by Limbaugh coming up regarding his take on the MO-7 race? I wonder what Hitler would think of that:

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  1. This Billy Long guy seems like a real schmuck! Funny video, very funny video.


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