8.8 Earthquake in Concepcion, Chile: Hawaiian Tsunami Warning, How Big Will the Hawaii Tsunami Be? (HAWAII TSUNAMI)

by the Left Coast Rebel

A massive 8.8 earthquake struck Concepcion, Chile last night. Concepcion, Chile is south of Santiago, Chile. The 8.8 Chile earthquake struck around 1:30 AM local Chile time. 122 people are confirmed dead and the number is expected to rise but not dramatically. 11 coastal towns were struck by a tsunami wave. Robinson Crusoe island off the coast of Chile was also slammed by a massive tsunami wave 400 miles off the Chilean coast. Chile is no stranger to earthquakes - the largest earthquake ever recorded took place in Chile in the 1960s - a 9.9 magnitude earthquake.

Tsunami sirens began at 3AM (6AM PST) on the Hawaiian islands. Residents have been scurrying to find gasoline, water and goods before the potential tsunami hits Hawaii. One of the reports that I read mentioned that Hawaiian authorities are particularly concerned about the homeless population, many of which inhabit/sleep on the beaches (I've seen this with myself, Hawaii is a welfare state like no other). Areas in Hawaiian 'flood zones' are in particular danger at this point. Hawaii may experience the largest waves since the 1960s.

The Big Island of Hawaii will be the first of the Hawaiian chain to get hit at approximately 11AM Hawaiin time, 2PM PST. Waves are expected to clock in between 6-12 feet in a long, continuous stream of waves. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is adivising people to not visit the beaches to 'see the waves' and such. You think? If you reside in Hawaii visit the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center for up to date information.

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  1. It's a very worrying time and the people of Hawaii are in my thoughts and prayers. There's bound to be a few people who think it's a good idea to go and watch - hope no-one gets hurt.

    I am also very concerned for the people on islands like Tuvalu where I believe there isn't much in the way of higher ground for the people to run to. The news networks seem to be giving little coverage to the situation there.


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