Time for the Vetting Process with J.D. Hayworth: J.D. Hayworth Vs. John McCain 2010

by the Left Coast Rebel

J.D. Hayworth, former Republican congressman from Arizona has just announced that he will be running in the primary against Johm McCain. There aren't many things that would make me happier than to see John McCain unseated. McCain to me represents the maddening political dichotomy in the Republican party that pushes the progressive agenda under the (somewhat) conservative mantle. Sure, he's a war hero but on policy he is so wrong, wrong, wrong. A liberal RINO that the press calls 'maverick' because of just that. Also, I don't understand why Sarah Palin is going to help him in his bid in 2010 either. No, I'm not buying the uber conservative sounding McCain ads either, this is absurd, do people not realize that McCain would have pushed some of things that Obama is (Cap and Trade comes to mind), was all for the bailouts, global warming hysteria and big government in general?:

John McCain caused me to lose several days of work in 2007 when he was pushing the most horrible piece of garbage legislation I had ever seen - the McCain/Bush/Kennedy Amnesty bill. Only the Obamanation has surpassed such horrible legislation (with everything he and Congress is doing).

For all of you liberal naysayers, I have ample proof that I have been just as hard on the GOP in the past as I am on the Obamanation, this was just one example of many. How about free speech rights and McCain/Feingold? John McCain has no idea what conservatism stands for. The Lonely Conservative has great insight into this issue as well.

It's time for the vetting process to begin with J.D. Hayworth, send me any information that you may have. The guy was in Congress for 12 years and has hosted an am show for a while now too. There is surely a long paper trail to associate his record with. I don't necessarily agree with Redstate that he is a 'staunch conservative', I need details from Cato, Club for Growth and other taxpayer activist groups.

UPDATE: Soloman from the Wisdom of Soloman is a great friend of the Left Coast Rebel and an Arizona resident as well. While he is a lot easier on John McCain than I, he put up a great post today. You should check it out.

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  1. Hey Rebel..

    Just thought I'd mention here, in case any of your readers want clarification (and of course they're welcome to come visit me too and ask) that I wrote that piece mostly with my non-partisan "journalist" face on. I offered some opinion and personal perspective, and definitely endorsed J. D. at the close... but my thoughts were at this point to just get some facts out there. I'm sure I'll be linking back to that piece often.

    Regardless - thanks for the link.. much appreciated!

  2. John McVAIN needs to be retired ... to a looney bin. I've said for many years now, I think he's got serious mental problems. Plus, he's a staunch Progressive. Even with all the pain we're going through now with Comrade Zero, I'm so gald McVAIN did not win.


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