Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's 'Racist' Comment: Is Harry Reid a Racist?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Google Trends is showing that the 'racist' It's a big discussion topic over at Memeorandum as well. I'll fill you in really quick if you haven't heard about this. Apparently there is some beltway book coming out soon called "Game Change'' that is gossipy and covers the 2008 campaign. AP:

The top Democrat in the U.S. Senate apologized on Saturday for comments he made about Barack Obama’s race during the 2008 presidential bid and are quoted in a yet-to-be-released book about the campaign. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada described in private then-Sen. Barack Obama as “light skinned” and “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” Obama is the nation’s first African-American president. “I deeply regret using such a poor choice of words. I sincerely apologize for offending any and all Americans, especially African-Americans for my improper comments,” Reid said in a statement released after the excerpts were first reported on the Web site of The Atlantic.
Many of my sources, left and right are screaming that these things that Reid said in 2008 show that he is a racist. Is Harry Reid a racist? I think he is. Harry Reid is an unabashed dyed in the wool racist, but not because of these two stupid statements. I think that Harry Reid is a racist because he is part of the political power structure that brainwashes black americans into the lie that they cannot get anywhere in this country without big-governement. That they are not individuals but part of a group and that 'massa' politician is their only hope.

In other words the Democratic Party Plantation

Harry Reid just happens to be the head chieftain of said plantation. And instead of the physical chains and shackles of slavery past, the current plantation version shackles the minds, hearts and souls of many among us.


  1. Heh - just dawned on me my friend .... California may well be the first state to secede from the Union! Who'da thunk that?

    Seriously however, I saw preliminary news reports that said there are no serious injuries or deaths which is a good thing.

  2. Harry and every single one of these progressive dipsticks are guilty of enslaving blacks... Have you seen Detroit lately?


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