The SEIU Issues a Threat to Democrats, I'm Laughing All the Way to the (Individual Liberty) Bank

by the Left Coast Rebel

Every minute, every hour, every day poses another tasty tidbit for to gloat over (since Tuesday) for anyone cheering for a stop to the dismantling of our country, ie. the 'progressive' agenda. Today's tidbit de jure (among dozens) is the strong arm Obamanation/Chicago tactic admission-threat from Andy Stern at the SEIU to Democrats. He's hinting (all not too subtlety) that unless the Dems push full steam ahead on something that over 60% of Americans don't want (even Massachusetts for cripe's sake), that the SEIU an union interests are going to flee the Democratic party and fundraising. Wow:

SEIU chief Andy Stern took a hard shot at Dem leaders just now for considering a scaled-down health care bill, strongly hinting that labor might not work as hard for Dem candidates in 2010 if they failed to deliver real and comprehensive reform.

“It’s gonna be incredibly difficult to stay focused on national politics if by the end of 2010 we have minimal health care and minimal changes on what’s important to our members,” he said in an interview, ridiculing the emerging Dem approach as “fear masquerading as a strategy.”

Stern unloaded on Dem leaders in response to reports today that they’re mulling either a scaled down bill to win GOPers or a broken up bill passed in pieces. His anger suggests Dems risk paying a big price with labor if they fail to figure out how to pass the Senate bill and fix it later, as labor wants.

Stern hinted that if House and Senate members don’t move forward with the Senate bill and some kind of fix, they could see union members spending more time on races for governor, perhaps at the expense of their reelection campaigns.

Recall that the Obamanation has 'nothing' in common with SEIU:

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  1. So now the President is a Populist? He’s going to fight for US? Populism is a movement made up of ordinary everyday folks….you know the kind who drive trucks. Someone tell James Carville “It’s The Elitism Stupid”

    Hold On There A Minute Mr President, I drive a red Sonoma GM Pickup!

  2. And the SEIU is going where? No where they will stay with the DemocRats

  3. Yeah. I'm sure the union goons will start supporting republicans next week if the Soviet Health Care regime is not in place by then.

  4. The SEIU thieves spent almost $61 milion on Obama in 2008. How much would that have bought their members in additional benefits? It may be that the union is thinking just that. There are reports that SEIU members were working for Scott Brown's campaign. On Fox News I saw people wearing SEIU sweatshirts and waving Brown placards - could be they just bought the shirts but who knows?

  5. No big shocker here. Obama is a pure, ideological Marxist. He doesn't care what damages he causes to the Democratic Party, or even his own bid for reelection. He wants to entrench his progressive agenda.


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