Ray Stevens Obamacare Song: We the People

by the Left Coast Rebel

I didn't catch this earlier but it is a gem and catching fire. It's cheesy, (and it's not), it's country, (usually not my cup of tea), but an instant classic nonetheless. Obviously Ray Stevens cares about this country and what is happening to it. Obviously Ray Stevens, (like millions of us), speaks to the atrocity of Obamacare - We the People in a twangy Obamacare tune, I love what he says at the end especially..........

Copious amounts of horse manure......


  1. I'm a country hick, so I've loved Ray Stevens my whole life. This is great! I think that was an NRA ball cap he was wearing...

  2. Ran this at TRS before Christmas. It never gets old!!! Gotta love Ray! ;-D

  3. We had a Ray Stevens album when I was a kid. "The Streak". My favorite line is the one where we feel we're being defacated upon.

  4. I love this one! I'll be sending it on for sure.
    Thanks LCR.


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