Persistent Blogwhoring Site Remake of the Century: The Other McCain, The Other McCain, The Other McCain

by the Left Coast Rebel

I have to admit it - there's a certain little nether region portion of my brain, (does the brain have a 'nether region'?), that will miss TheOtherMcCain/blogspot. The site was one of the first that I came across when I began my blogging ventures - RSM's wit, writing style and excellence and content had me hooked off the bat. His 'How to Get a Million Hits' post was pure genius - a way to ensure a swath of amateur blogging fandom. It worked on me. The boys helped put the Left Coast Rebel on the map. Through them as well I met Carol at No Sheeples Here, Stogie at Saberpoint and James at Reaganite. I correspond regularly now with all of the above and consider them great blog-buds.

The awkward chubby blogspot layout and design, the massive 'get everything onto the start page possible' and awkwardly narrow center text sections became something that I connected to when I thought of famous/notorious/caffeineted/chain-smokin'/leather-shoe blogging madman known as:

Robert Stacy McCain.(and the Smittster as he came onboard).

What does that say for our standards? That we grow to like that which is familiar? Or that we become familiar with that which we grow to like? Either way will do, it seems, I digress.

RSM and Smitty have made the move to Wordpress and boy is it pretty:

Before:Voila - After:

These little screenshots don't even do justice, (click them to zoom in), for just how clean, fast-running, (a necessity that many bloggers ignore), and slick the new design and format is. It reminds me of when a Humble Little Libertarian was gracious enough to do the same for my site.

Ugh, why is the bare-breasted Pamela Anderson side plastic boobage anti-meat ad still up? One has to make a buck and feed a large family. Rattle the tip-jar, as they say.

I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Visit Smitty and RSM daily at The Other


  1. Wordpress is a much better blogging experience than Blogger, or Blooger, as I affectionately refer to it as. Wish I had found out sooner.

  2. Nice for sure. I think, being a creature of habit and comfort, I shall see what can be done for my sight staying with Blogger. At least for the time being.

  3. They did a nice job with it and I'm glad that it loads so much quicker now.


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