Organizing for America's Organizing for Obama a Lesson in Leftist Orwellian Propaganda?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Today Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs broke a very disturbing story about an Atlas reader's son coming into contact with a propaganda effort in the classroom, allowing students to sign up for 'Obama for America', an offshoot of the Plouffe run Organizing for America. This deviation (read deviant fascist effort) being something to continue the indoctrination of Obamanation mantra and socialists ideology in the classroom. Pamela Geller obtained 'sign up sheets' and other campus material orchestrated by Organizing for Ameria as a means to indoctrinate and 'organize' on the public school campi:



This LCR summation only touches the surface of this, go to Atlas Shrugs for the rest.

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