Nancy Pelosi's Bar Tab Proves That Absolute Power Corrupts, (Intoxicates)

by the Left Coast Rebel

Nancy (Nasty) Pelosi is a Horrible Woman. Yes she is, simply one of the worst of a lot of bad characters in Washington that stretches a mile long. The picture above is the only one that I could find of her with her mouth shut too, by the way. For every time that she does open it, I hear another precious freedom (or a trillion dollars) get whisked away. At a time when Americans are suffering Nancy Pelosi jetted over to Copenhagen with 3 military jets last month spending (millions?) at taxpayer's expense to prove what an elitist, smug, aristocrat she is.

The most ridiculous thing about aristocrats like Nasty Pelosi, Harry Reid, Schumer, Obama, Clinton(s), Frank....fill in the rest here, is that these 'royalty' preach to masses from atop the perch of the altruist socialist-progressive. They are for the little guy. They feel your pain. They will stick it to the man. And you know what? It is just a simple way to take away our freedoms and liberties, bring all income levels down to a lower level and increase the entire nation's misery. Except for them.

Today's leadership is probably one (if not the) worst in American history. They are power drunk and Nancy Pelosi is one of the drunkest of the drunks, literally:

Maker's Mark whiskey,
Courvoisier cognac,
Johnny Walker Red scotch,
Grey Goose vodka,
J&J brandy,
Bailey's Irish Crème,
Bacardi Light rum,
Jim Beam whiskey,
Beefeater gin,
Dewars scotch,
Bombay Sapphire gin,
Jack Daniels whiskey … and Corona beer

Nancy Pelosi's bar tab, paid for by the United States taxpayer, all above. 2 year cost to the taxpayer for drinks catered to her by you and I while gallivanting all over the nation (and world)?


Cost of the Air Force Fleet that she uses to whisk between DC and San Francisco over the last 2 years?


Why not, if we let them do this to us?

Thomas Paine did some heavy lifting and the legwork involved digging up history on 'Queen' Pelosi including her lack of business experience whatsoever. It is quite illimunating when you read the background of someone like Pelosi. Thanks for the research Thomas. Visit his excellent site, Save Us From the World Improvers


  1. I wish she'd get alcohol poisoning.

  2. I have a really really unreasonable unnatural gutteral hatred for that woman.
    gag. Nasty Botoxi.

  3. Here's hoping her liver crying in pain, but of course a taxpayer would probably be sacrificed so queen bitch could get a new liver. They would wake up in a bathtub full of ice.

  4. I'd be satisfied if she loses her seat in the up coming election. This humiliation is preferrable to sympathy she might garner from a serious disease or medical condition.

  5. See this post for some biographical details of how Pelosi came to have such a huge sense of entitlement: Hall Of Shame #1: Nancy Pelosi.

  6. They would not wake up. The evidence would be destroyed. If you believe that the elitist liberal scum live by the same rules you do please switch channels. It is a nasty secret that organs are available for a price. The chinese sell everything else.

  7. What a horrible witch of a creature. May she return to the bowels of unwritten thoughts where such evildoers must reside.


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