Nancy Pelosi Travelgate/Bar Tab Gate: Family Enjoy Military Chauffers, Escorts, Babysitters, Plus Free Flights on Military Planes


by the Left Coast Rebel

I'd Rather Have a Bottle in Front of me Than a Frontal Lobotomy. Wow, Brilliant. Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the United State House of Representatives didn't invent corruption, elitism, malfeasance, (non)transparency, statism, backroom deals, oligarchy type behaviour and worse in American politics. She simply just represents a toxic mish-mash of all of it thrown into a viral and potent mix of botox and Obama man-crush (anyone that doubts the latter needs to watch the State Of Obama's Union speech again to see what I am talking about).

Today's Pelosi treat turns us to thousands of pages of documents released via the Freedom of Information Act to Judicial Watch (damn that transparency) and it's not a pretty sight. Sniped docs from Doug Ross' site show that Nancy Pelosi and her family have been wining and dining on the US taxpayer dime, military chauffeurs, escorts and baby sitters for family members, as well as free flights for members of the Pelosi family, all paid for by the United States military, even without her being present. Wow.

In fact, I am scanning all of the docs that Doug Ross has of this and don't even know which ones to share with you. I see the recurring theme that Pelosi and co. cost the taxpayer up to $18 grand per hour to be jetted around. I see family and friends being jetted around as well and you and I paying for it. I see myriad food and drink lists. Booze and lots of it. Nefarious bedfellows travelling with her. This is simply insane and (probably legal). That certainly doesn't make it ethical and in this economy when Americans are suffering - disgusting. Go to Doug Ross' site to get the whole scoop on this.


Jim Hoft calls Pelosi's jet Pelosi One.

No Sheeples Here would rather have a stiff one, even on the rocks than ponder this. I thank her for the genius of the headline graphic as well.

Weasel Zippers
thinks that the US military has more urgent things to mind to than a Queen's needs.

The Lonely Conservative thinks that Pelosi's hubris is only surpassed by her penchant for Uncle Sam's tab. The ghost of Ted Kennedy?

Right Pundits see this as an investment scheme by Queen Pelosi. Hint - she thinks that she can save her own money but spend the Dickens out of yours and get away with it!


  1. I am a military retiree who is also an Air Force civilian employee. But if I want to travel on AMC aircraft, I have to go space "A" and pay for the wait in line. And I have done far more for this country than the sphincter of the house has ever done.

  2. She is not a public servant...she is Queen Pelosi you silly little people. M

  3. Not sure when the sane people of this nation will unite and cease paying taxes. This has to end, and end quickly. When are we going to stop fooling around with these people?

  4. Only the little people fly coach. And what are they using for a rate comparison, Southwest? $180 form SF to DC is mighty cheap and from the looks of it the Pelosi clan had more than a few bags of snacks.

  5. $18,000 and hour? Sick! Cut the federal budget by AT LEAST 50% immediately!!!!

  6. if i had to look in the mirror every day and see that mug, i would drink heavily too!

  7. On a business trip I am allowed to take family with me. The difference is that the company does not pay for the flights, food, entertainment, or hotel rooms of the people who would accompany me. I can take a few extra days and stay in what ever city I'm visiting, by the company does not pay the extra days for the hotel. All very reasonable and logical. The idea that the taxpayers are footing the bill for anybody but out actual employee is offensive. And if it's legal, it shouldn't be.

  8. @ Petty Officer - I salute you and your service and totatlly agree.

    @ MCO - Indeed, the name is well earned and deserved.

    @ Citizen121701 - I am aware of what you speak of but do not condone breaking the law. Remember that you can go to prison for evading taxes. We need a ballot box revolution, from there we can cut and slice the Fed govt and our burden as well.

    @ Chris - Great points.

    @ SonicKitty - Hey! Oh, how much more than 110% can I agree with you? Can you run for the presidency?

    @ Jam - Heh, no kidding.

    @ Spinster - Thanks for the info. From what I have checked, it is legal - if you can believe it. That doesn't make it ethical.


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