Massachusetts Senate Race: UPDATE

by the Left Coast Rebel

Be sure to check out the Left Coast Rebel LIVE BLOG of tonight's results. First off and before you read this post go to The Real White House Party Crashers, a great piece that sums this election up.

One of the most startling things that I saw today took place over at Intrade, the political futures trading site. As Intrade contracts were being bought and sold this morning another massive precipitous drop came (and still is cratering in real-time) with the Martha Coakley for Senate campaign. While not precise, it may certainly be indicative of people on the ground knowing something of the results, the leaked exit polling data, among other things. For what it is worth, Scott Brown for Senate hit an all time high (2:30 PT) of 82, meaning that traders peg his chance of winning at 82% and Martha Coakley for Senate came all the way down to 16, meaning that traders see the Martha Coakley for Senate campaign having a 16% chance of a win.

With the lack of exit polling available at this time, I'll take this as a good indication of the vote effort on the ground in Massachusetts and the likelihood of a Scott Brown win.

Here's the Martha Coakley for Senate chart from Intrade, Ouch!:
Via Google Trends


  1. Brown is gonna take this one. Time for Coakley to hang it up.

  2. I can't help but remark on your warning tag. As Google might put it, "Did you mean David Plouffe trolls?"

    It'll be interesting to see if the Leftists are willing to lose this one. Expect delays and subversion.


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