Mark Spivey is Ellie Light in Drag: Of Obama Astroturfing and Editorial Community Outreach

by the Left Coast Rebel

Another interesting breaking story and one that will certainly parallels the Ellie Light affair is the Obama astroturfing efforts of an interstate letter-writer going by the name of Mark Spivey. Just as was the case with Ellie Light, Mark Spivey now has his own Facebook page, the picture above was taken from it (you should join, I did). Here's the description from the page:

Mark Spivey is yet another creation of the Obama Administration for Editorial Community Outreach. Like his sister Ellie Light, Spivey has been writing dozens of letters on-behalf of the sinking in the polls President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama.
Dan Riehl was alerted to the male alter-ego of Ellie Light as well. Pat at Patterico's Pontifications fills us in on this Mark Spivey astroturf- troll as well as a certain letter that has (nearly) identically appeared in numerous publications. 'Mark Spivey' writes to the Minnesota Daily, Baltimore Chronicle (on the same page as the Ellie Light letter no-less!), San Diego Union Trib. (no, I don't know him and he says he lives here too!), and others that sound strikingly similar to this:

A recent Associated Press article stated that President Barack Obama’s hesitancy on the Afghan war buildup implies weakness.

I wish world leaders had more of that kind of weakness. Clearly, Obama does not want to send soldiers into harm’s way without a clear goal, a solid plan and an exit strategy, three aspects sorely missing from former President George W. Bush’s military ventures.

I know that we Americans are used to presidents who play cowboy, who say things like “bring ’em on” and “mission accomplished” without a second thought; presidents who send Americans into battle on falsified weapons reports.

But it seems our current president understands that you don’t send soldiers into battle without first nailing down what they’re supposed to be doing, and why.

So hats off to Obama’s “hesitation.” Soldiers are human beings, not chess pieces. It’s about time we get a president who understands that.

— Mark Spivey

Will the real Mark Spivey please stand up?


  1. So you highlite this with a question mark?

    This is exactly what I meant.

  2. @ Christopher - I don't understand and am sorry, LCR will be largely focused on this story until it either:

    a) evaporates
    b) is exposed for what I think it is

    In either case I assume that you will continue to find distress and unease by reading here and I apologize for that because I know you are on the 'good' side.

  3. The knee-jerkers want an enigmatic rallying point ... you know .... sorta like John Gault, but in the lib'ral style. So they contrived one. Too little, too late, and too laughably transparent. I expected better from intellectual "high-roaders"!

  4. Great work. Hillbuzz is getting slammed by these same people. They need your expertise.


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