The Light Shown on the Ellie Light Mystery: Ellie Light Origin, is Ellie Light a Journalist named Samantha Power?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Like a detective on a trail, I'm all over this Ellie Light thing (still), the next tidbit I will point you to is the actual meaning of the name and the potential allusion to the Obama campaign symbol and a few other theories like the Cass Sunstein/Samantha Power possibility. As everyone knows by now, the 'transparency' of the Obama administration is an illusion, I think that this story is another (potential) determining factor of just that as well. I also read a report that Ellie Light has been featured in over 60 newspapers as of now. Readers have opined that 'Ellie Light' probably votes in each city/district that the papers are located in as well.

As anyone that can do a quick Google will find, the name 'Ellie' comes from Greek name Helen lending it the meaning of "light". So obviously we can then see that the name is most likely a pseudonym for something of meaning, something particular - light. Bungalow Bill has this insight:

El, a term used often in Chicago since they call their system of trains running to Chicago's loop and throughout the city on multiple lines also means horizon--like horizon in Obama's campaign symbol. We have two connections here to common themes with Obama.

Bungalow Bill also mentions that one must not forget Obama's campaign symbol featuring an 'O' with a setting sun, etc, obviously the term 'light' and 'Ellie Light' come to my mind when thinking of the symbol:

[<span class=

Moving along, reader Cambridge Lady checks in with an angle that I hadn't even considered - that Ellie is also short for Eleanor Roosevelt, she writes that it is maybe a reference to FDR's New Deal.....bringing light to America?

Proving how fascinating and hot this story is as well, I just got another note from a reader known as Piperbaye, he actually thinks that Ellie Light is a journalist, a certain Samantha Power. He notes as well that there is a Cass Sunstein connection to this Samantha Power and that Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals may be in play (the name Lucifer which Rules for Radicals was dedicated to means 'bearer of light'. Here's what he wrote to LCR:

I believe Ellie Light is a journalist by the name of Samantha Power. The meaning of the name ellie is light. An Ellie is also a national magazine award which Ms. Power won in 2005 for a piece in New Yorker magazine, entitled Dying in Darfur.

She worked for Senator Barack Obama and then on his presidential campaign before she was forced to resign for referring to Hillary Clinton as a monster.

While there, she met then later married Cass Sunstein who works in the Obama administration as Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs .

While at Harvard Law School, Sunstein co-wrote a truly pernicious paper proposing that the U.S. Government employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-"independent" advocates to "cognitively infiltrate" online groups and websites.

In addition to this , the latin word, Lucifer, means bearer of light. Saul Alinsky, in Rules for Radicals, dedication is to Lucifer.


Feel free to send me any other tips you may have on this and check out the discussion at Google Trends as well.


  1. FYI, There is an “Ellie Light” on Face Book (founded by that little Obama man-loving entreprenuer) who is married to a “Bob Light” who just started work this month of January, 2010 for a firm called CrossPoint PPM LLC.

    Since the firm’s only product is a “software application,” I would say the guy owns the firm he went to work for this January, 2010.

    Look at the firm’s self-descrition and note the EMPHASIS on CHANGE MANAGEMENT!

    This may have not connection….but…

    “CrossPoint PPM LLC
    Our Product
    CrossPoint is a project, program and portfolio management software application, with a strong emphasis on resource and change management. It is currently server-based, and typically is hosted on an internal server at our customers. Over 250 man-years to date have gone into the development of CrossPoint. While no software product is ever perfect, CrossPoint flat out works.

    Our Precepts
    At Crosspoint PPM, we decided that:

    sales and marketing did not have to mean slick marketing spins, info-overload websites, and especially doesn’t require making you talk to a sales rep just to get pricing. Sure, we want to talk to you if you need a better tool to manage your projects and resources, but we want the focus on the product, not price.
    trying to be everything to everybody means nothing to nobody, if you overwhelm on hype and underwhelm on delivery. Yes, we are a small business, and lack the resources found in large companies. Of course, that also means that every customer is truly important, and we aren’t constrained by red-tape when working to solve any issues.
    our success can only be measured by yours. To borrow a phrase from Thomas Jefferson, this would seem to be self-evident, but all companies are not equal in upholding this belief. Actually, we won’t sell you CrossPoint if we don’t think that you will ultimately benefit from it. That would waste scarce time and resources, and nobody benefits from that.
    Our Promise
    If you are open to change, truly desire to improve your processes, and agree that CrossPoint can help, we will partner with you to achieve that goal by delivering and supporting a solid tool. If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with CrossPoint, you have 90 days from date of purchase to return it for a full refund.”

  2. Very Curiously that particular
    “Ellie Light” will not come up on “Facebook’s own search function.”

    I found it on Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

    If you just search for “Bob Light” through Face Book it doesn’t come up.

  3. FYI California Granny over at discovered the letter writer spells "realize" in a "British" way. Realise is how they spell it in the UK which includes Ireland were Samantha Power was born and raised.

    Samantha Power is married to Obama’s “Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.”

    That would be Cass Sunstein. Cass R. Sunstein is an American legal scholar, particularly in the fields of constitutional law, administrative law, environmental law, and law and behavioral economics. Do look up on wikipedia (where this is from) what “Behavioral Economics” involves. You will see it fits in perfectly with the crimes of this Thugadminstration!

    Darn, this boiler plate emailed letter is even showing up in tiny, tiny town papers such as the Russellville, Arkansas Courier Newspaper.

  4. Samantha Power is married to Obama’s “Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.”

    That would be Cass Sunstein. Cass R. Sunstein is an American legal scholar, particularly in the fields of constitutional law, administrative law, environmental law, and law and behavioral economics. Do look up on wikipedia (where this is from) what “Behavioral Economics” involves. You will see it fits in perfectly with the crimes of this Thugadminstration!

  5. A facebook group was created "Who is Ellie Light?", looks like it is gaining traction. Beck, Hannity, Breitbart, Drudge have all been getting flooded with this today...Monday is going to be interesting!

  6. Great work in putting this all together Tim.

    I'm looking forward to finding out who is at the bottom of this propaganda

  7. Holger Says:

    January 23, 2010 at 4:52 pm
    IIRC, I remember someone doing some snooping and discovering that some PR Firm in France was doing some work for Axelrod, so don’t look just at American companies.

  8. What's the earliest anyone has seen this "email" posted on the web? I saw it in a January 7, 2010 post by Ben Smith at Politico.

    Isn't the bigger story that so many news outlets posted this email? Before she was exposed as a fraud? Shenanigans.

  9. LCR,
    I read about this on this morning and after perusing the email exchange between Ellie and Ms. Eaton, one has to realize that some part of Team O is behind this. My spidey sense tells me that Poofy is somewhere in the middle of this. Come by and check out the latest and you will see what I mean.


    Young English girl named ellie Light.

    There is also an older American lady with a flickr account under Ellie Light.

  11. Emanuel's first name, Rahm (רם) means high or lofty in Hebrew, and is the namesake of one Rahamim (surname unknown), which means mercy in Hebrew. [8][9] The surname Emanuel (עמנואל), adopted by the family in honor of his father's brother Emanuel Auerbach, killed in Palestinian-Jewish fighting in Jerusalem, means God is with us. Sources conflict as to whether the family changed its name from Auerbach in 1933 or 1938.[5][8][9]

    just sayin ...

  12. @ Anonymous 1, 2, 3, 4 - Thanks for the info guys! If you see anything else, let me know.

    @ Chris - Can you believe this 'ellie' left a comment here?

    @ Thurston - Totally.

    @ Logistics - Did you post on this? I couldn't find it at your site!

    @ Swannie - Do you think Rahm is behind this?

  13. Well, his name could be interpreted to be HIGH LIGHT

    ok that was bad,
    but I absolutely believe the name is 'code" for something if not someone ?? Let me adjust my tin foil hat and see what else comes in .. and don't you make fun of my hat either !!

  14. @ Swannie - I have a couple of those laying around if you need an extra :).

  15. LCR - I didn't post on Ellie - I posted on Team O's 'architect' - david plouffe.

  16. Soon as I saw it, I thought it meant elite.

  17. Just a thought. ellie sounds alot like the letters L & E. Put them togehter and you get LE or le. In french "le" means "the". So Ellie Light could just mean le light=the light. Would make sense as well.

  18. "L" or "El" in Chicago refers to the transit system that is elevated.

  19. gawd, I'm sucked into this scavenger hunt lol.

    Get me the IP addresses on the emails. I'll get your "ellie light" in about 15 minutes.

  20. @ Anon 1 - Great point on the name.

    @ Anon 2 - Another reference to consider.

    @ Ace - I wish I could, I never got her email address, still om the hunt though!

  21. My name is Ellie Light, and I am an individual amazed at the lack of support offered for President Obama, especially by people of his own party, by people who worked very hard to elect him. By design, this email will land in the in-boxes of Obama’s opponents, and I’ve got to hand you one thing. You guys know a thing or two about loyalty. When President Bush became unpopular for his decisions, you guys stood by him. When Trent Lott and Delay told the pro-lifers and school-prayer folks to put a cork in it, because “now is not the time,” you did as you were told. And no sarcasm intended, because it was good for the GOP to show some loyalty. We Dems appear to have zero. Take the Guantanamo decision. Obama promised he’d close it. What about the prisoners? Do we ship ‘em back to their country of origin? Do we force them on a particular US state? Anyone with a brain would realize that there are many steps between stating the intention of closing it, and sending the prisoners on thier way. But count on us Dems to start calling “Liar, Liar.” Oh, and of course, we Democrats are the same people who complain about the growing power of the Executive Branch, pointing out that ever since Nixon, the President’s war-making power, and over-reaching Executive privilege have increased. But yet, we Democrats complain the loudest that the President lacks what it takes do the things he promised, at least not fast enough. You know. Do them right now. Before my coffee gets cold and I have to change the TV station. Speaking of TV, that “put the cameras in the health care debate” attack was another self-defeating move. As if it were the President’s decision alone to muscle past Congress and force the cameras into their faces. The President can promise to do something, but what with the world collapsing around us and all, it might take a little time to work through each promise. But I think it makes us Democrats feel independent and enlightened to deliver up stinging critiques of Obama’s every action. It shows the world that we are not blind followers. As if it were a point of embarrassment to stand by a President in a tough moment. Sheesh. Trash Obama so you can burnish your credentials as a Peace Activist. Trash Obama so you can sound like a Genuine Liberal. What Priorities. Heaven forbid that a person set aside their timetable and allow a new President to get his bearings. So I’m not surprised with you guys, the folks who stay up late finding something sinister in everything Obama says and does. You’re just carrying out your beliefs. It’s like church. I’m mostly just shocked with my own kind, because, unless we Democrats learn a bit about loyalty, about a unified front, you Tea Partiers will all enjoy front row seats to kiss the feet of Queen Sarah on the White House lawn in January 2013.

  22. 'Ellie Light' when spelled phonetically is
    "L E LITE" Which is 'L ELITE"

    L (for Liberal) Elite!

  23. Interesting! I've shared all this with my FB friends.

    You know LCR, those of use who aren't buying into Lucifer's agenda of "change", have hit on a nerve with spreading the truth. We are doing a good thing to have their false god "of light" so nervous. Keep up the good work y'all!! :)


  24. The Ellie Light who has the Flickr account someone mentioned above lives in Boise (I found her address yesterday, but I really don't think it's she).

    I'm thinking this letter writer could be just about anybody - including some not-very-bright (& not-very-honest) kool-aid drinking nobody operating wholly on her/his own accord & spamming all the newspapers hoping a few would stick somewhere. This propaganda technique has been used since rocks cooled by overeager ethically-challenged fans of politicians except usually, the perp isn't dumb enough to use the same name all across the country.

    The real scandal is how many newspaper editors STILL don't to bother to exercise even the slightest due diligence in verifying the identities of the allegedly local letter writers they publish, particularly those who parrot copy-&-pasted political sentiments compatible with their own.

    If editors are not willing to fact-check something as simple as that on their LTE page, everything printed on every OTHER page of their publication is automatically suspect, can't they see that? Aargh.

  25. Samantha power is no journalist. As several here note, she is long-time Obama associate currently NSC senior director for multilateral affairs and married to Obama regulatry czar Cass Sunstein. More here:

  26. One question, one comment.

    Question: Is the above the text of the letter sent to the papers because it does not contain the excerpts I have read and actually sounds nothing like those excerpts.

    Comment: Did you know that MO's nickname in high school was Ellie?

  27. Have you considered looking up the addresses, etc. in the reverse look-up? See whose name pops up. Might be a clue.

  28. I know Ellie Light. He's my husband. He's just an ordinary guy. When he noticed that virtually every letter he wrote got published, he got carried away and started writing letters under pen names to every newspaper in the country. He's not tied to any organization. I advised him not to do things under pen names, but he wouldn't listen. Now people are saying these letters came from the White House!!!! With friends like these, Obama doesn't need any enemies . . .

  29. Not sure if this is legit, but it is one more Ellie Light website I found by googling. which redirects to a blog called The Incredible Lightness of Ellie. She talks about the letters and some other stuff, but I am not convinced it's the real ellie light. There seem to be lots of Ellie Lights popping up like mushrooms all over the web. LOL


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