Internet Security 2010 Virus: Do not Open Emails Containing 'Internet Security 2010' or Download 'Internet Security 2010'

by the Left Coast Rebel

There's a virus floating around the net right now called 'Internet Security 2010' that lures you in with the benign sounding name and then installs insidious tracking garbage into your pc. I believe it also corrupts system files (Windows) and may lead to system failure (or having to reinstall Windows to get rid of it). I should know, I was a victim of similiar malicious code over a year ago and it was similiarly called 'Internet Security 2010'. Somehow my firewall and virus software didn't catch it, it had a prompt screen that looked just like windows 2000 and by the time I figured out what had happened the 'Internet Security 2010' (in this case 2009) had corrupted my system to the point that I had to start fresh. It sucked people in with an insidious name that hid the Trojan worm beneath. Needless to say it was a rotten deal.

Steer clear of 'Internet Security 2010'!

For removal tips (if possible), try these links:




  1. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Thanks...

    I don't want to "tempt fate" or anything buuuuut, ever since I started using AVG (free addition), I have not been hit with a virus, worm, trojan whatever, or anything. Not one in close to three years.

    When I paid big bucks for Norton I could count on at least one major problem every year plus several little problems.

    Ok, FATE - are you listening? I. did. not. say. that.

  3. I strongly suggest everyone check out Ubuntu!

    You can keep windows (if you want) and have both on the same machine, but I've been using it for about 1 1/2 yrs, and no firewall, no anti-virus software, no cleaning the registry, and best of all ... NO VIRUSES!

    Oh, and it's also free!

    I got a virus on my windows, had to do a reinstall, couldn't find all the drivers I needed, so I downloaded Ubuntu (open source). It's light-years better than windows!


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