Happy New Year 2010! New Year Resolutions

by the Left Coast Rebel

The Left Coast Rebel turned over the New Year with a range of 250,000 - 300,000 visitors. I'm not quite sure, (within guesstimations), the precise visitor count as I had a genius idea of changing my site analytics a few months ago and lost some of my data in the move.

I hope that all of you in the reading audience had a safe and festive New Year celebration last night. My wife and I had two friends over at our house, we picked up a couple bottle of wine and a 12 pack of Corona. Epic battles of Mario Kart Wii followed by New Super Mario Brothers on the Wii as well ensued, it was fun, I'm just a big kid! I'm also one of those people that refuse to be on the roadways the evening of the New Year celebrations - simply too many drunks and maniacs on the road. How about you?

How about some New Year Resolutions? With the Left Coast Rebel I would like:

  • To reach a greater audience and make a greater impact. I would like to make a big difference in the upcoming 2010 elections. I want to elect as many true conservative Congressional candidates as possible. 2010 is a turning point for America. I need your help!
  • To start off the New Year with a fresh perspective. I want to remember and never forget that we can lose this country and the freedoms that we enjoy. We can lose everything when we least expect it. I don't want to take anything for granted, personally or for America.
  • I want to have a clear path with the socialist health care takeover. Which path should we take as conservatives/libertarians/9-12ers/Tea Partiers? If the monstrosity passes Congress and B.O. signs it, should we focus on total repeal? Civil disobedience? Die-ins and protest? State nullification? 60s type radicalism - something that conservatives are not familiar with? I have a file on my desktop that I am accumulating health care stuff into for ideas. In the least we demand repeal of any and all pols that we support in the new year. Smitty over at the shiny brand new Other McCain hits on this tune as well. He puts a Churchillian slant on it - beautiful.
Add your thoughts! Happy New Year~

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  1. My path on health care is to find ways for people to get around the system legally. Ideas to fight the system that require large numbers of people to protest/sacrifice won't work as well IMHO as finding ways for people to benefit by avoiding the system.

    It will be hard b/c the new system could be better in some ways to the system we have now. A few weeks ago my wife wrote up a petition for someone who is retired and living a modest degree above the poverty line asking the local hospital to forgive some medical bills that weren't covered by Medicare. The hospital forgave the retired persons entire bill. This person is around 65 and is worth around $250,000 or so, not poor but not rich considering the person is disabled and that money has to last her/his whole life.

    Regardless of whether you agree with the hospital's decision (I do), we currently have a system of socialized medicine today. I pay more so the hospital can treat the poor for free/reduced rates.

    Some massive gov't system may suck, but it will be an orderly way of carrying out what happens today anyway. It will be hard to undo.

  2. It sounds like there are already teams of lawyers just waiting to challenge this.

    An advantage is that this doesn't kick in immediately, providing time to fight it.

  3. before anyone thinks more on this issue of health care, you might take a gander at the series of posts that i'm writing on the issue. i think you'll find it a refreshing perspective on the issue.

  4. I Am Going To Be Snarkier If That Is At All Possible.

    Much Needed: Paula Deen PSA needed for New Year. Proper Preparation For “Pigs In A Blanket” GRIN.

    Recipe For Disaster:
    Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab aka Panty Bomber .
    So You Want To Set The World On Fire Or How I Spent My Christmas Vacation In United States Federal Prison.


  5. Happy New Year to you and your family Tim.

    Thanks for all the help you have given me.

  6. Happy New Year LCR! I am looking forward to following another year of this great blog. Wish you, Mrs. LCR, your mother and whole family a healthy, happy and prosperous 2010!


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