The Energy of the Scott Brown for Senate Campaign: Doug Flutie on Scott Brown and Campaign Headquarters for Scott Brown

by the Left Coast Rebel

I'll be honest with you. Months, perhaps even weeks ago, I didn't give Scott Brown a second thought in the race for the Massachusetts Senate seat. I had read about him at Legal Insurrection but was oblivious. I carried a blip in November but I mean, come on - Senator Ted Kennedy's seat in the bluest of the blue of the blue state of Massachusetts? It didn't even cross my mind. Being a Rebel of the Left Coast, I can assure you that I felt none of the groundswell, excitement, enthusiasm and hope that conservative/independent grassroots started to feel about the Scott Brown for US Senate race.

But here is something interesting. When I first became privy of the momentum that Brown was starting to experience I began to write about it and put my thoughts out into cyberspace. Day by day traffic started to pick up to LCR on queries of Martha Coakley and Scott Brown. Through my analytics I found that people found my dozen or so posts on the topic via queries like, Should Democrats vote for Scott Brown, Marth Coakley's Record, Scott Brown Headquarters, How to Donate to Scott Brown. In other words, my site was just a reflection via the net of what you see in this video from campaign headquarters:

I wish that I could be one of these people doing the legwork in the campaign office,it is frustrating to feel like you are part of something yet so far away from it as well. Man oh man will I be nervous on January 19th as well. Go Scott Brown!, (praying, begging, pleading, hoping)!

For those that just found my site go here to donate to the campaign, click the banner below as well to call from home and support Scott Brown. You can do this anywhere in the United States. Go here to see where Scott Brown stands on the issues.

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  1. LCR:

    You capture the excitement and tense anticipation associated with a Republican's quest for "Ted Kennedy's Seat."

    We are all watching.

  2. Yeah, it's crazy -- who'd've thunk it?

    Well, we'll see what happens. Looks better and better each day.

  3. Having a great memory and coming from Florida, I still remember Doug Flutie's Hail Mary pass to beat the Miami Hurricanes... After hearing Doug's endorsement of Scott Brown, I can finally say "all is forgiven"...

    God's speed Scott...

  4. The fact that this race is so close must be a source of panic for the Democrat party. I can hardly wait for November 2010.

  5. When Boston sports icons like Flutie and Curt Shilling speak, people take notice.

    We can only hope for another Massachusetts miracle.

  6. @ Howard - Aren't we? It's going to be a nail-biter 'til the end.

    @ Ben - Yes it does, keep the faith friend!

    @ Born Again - Indeed, great story!

    @ W. Steve - Can you imagine, I mean - Ted Kennedy's seat? This is one of the most astounding stories I have covered.

    @ Chris - They do Chris, I am crossing my fingers and might go for a (long) run on Jan 19.


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