Ellie Light UPDATE: I've Been Working on the Ellie Light Story all Day, Ellie Light Facebook Page

by the Left Coast Rebel

The Ellie Light story has been gaining more and more attention across the net, Pat from Patterico's Pontifications contacted me and we were shooting around some details (secret for now). Pat also put up a new post at HotAir on the topic. Dan Riehl and I also have been discussing the topic (woo-hoo, LCR is swimming with the big fish!).

We are all privy to some details that I can't tell you right now (suspense) but I promise that I will soon. It could be big and it may pan out to nothing. I have worked on this story nearly all day now and my eyes are bleeding.

Bunagalow Bill at BBCW alterted his readers to the fact that an Ellie Light Facebook page has been started, they also used the image that he created. Bungalow Bill is also doing some of the heavy lifting behind the scenes right now with the Ellie Light affair. Here's the new Facebook page:


UPDATE: Pat has listed all of the sources that have carried Ellie Light's 'column' of Obama adoration, I can't even count how many are there, can you? Via Ed Driscoll PJ Media, Pat has the tally of 'letters' at 42 'news' papers across 20 states. Ellie sure owns a lot of homes!

UPDATEII: Michael Merritt at PoliGazette checks in on this:

After reading Greenwald’s article, I realized what was going on was not Astroturfing but a possible propaganda campaign.Now, Greenwald notes that there is no evidence that the Obama administration has actually sent out “covert agents” to “chatrooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups.” I agree with this, but Greenwald wrote that before the Ellie Light story came to light, and I think there are too many questions to ignore a possible connection:


  1. I ran "Ellie Light" through Zabasearch.com for all 50 states, and there isn't a single person of that name listed in U.S. phone directories.

  2. OH.MY.GAWD! I saw that facebook page earlier, and i knew the site was a joke, but i didn't really look at the picture, i just thought it was a very unattractive woman. HAHHAH Now i see! LOL!

    Say hi to the big dogs for me! haha

    Go! Go!

  3. @ Stogie - Astroturf for sure, I can't believe that the actual 'Ellie Light' commented here but after the research that Dan Riehl and Pat from Patterico's Pontifications did it sure seemed likely.

    @ Sara - Haha, thanks!

  4. Tim

    Watch out for strange cars parked in front of your house and men in suites and sunglasses following you. You are going to break something big here my friend and it is going to piss off some people in power.

  5. Excellent piece...great work and keep up the good fight against the progressives! We are finally making a difference!

  6. Winston44? Probably not related but since I'm in a conspiratorial mood - I thought of the Winston Group. They're thick as thieves with the O crowd and Organizing for America folks. http://winstongroup.net/

  7. This is what the libs do, get us caught up in superfluous BS while they continue eating away at the foundations of our society and freedoms...

    It's interesting, but not worthy of the press attention it is getting

  8. I was just going to warn you about strangers in your neighborhood but Chris W beat me to it. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Really. Keep posting and let us know what the secret is soon! We're all ears! This is exciting. :)

  9. The woman(?) on the Facebook page looks like Obama's fraternal twin...

    Or maybe it's Obama in drag... he doesn't do that tooo, does he? Now wonder he's pushing free surgical plans!

    It makes sense... the picture, I mean, Michelle looks like James Brown in drag... LOL


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