Ellie Light Obama Astroturf UPDATE: Ellie Light's True Identity Revealed (Exclusive PHOTO!)

by the Left Coast Rebel

The Ellie Light/Obama astroturf story lost (a little fizzle) for me today, I checked into Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit this morning and he opted out of a massive expose on the subject, (although I was privy to the fact that the precise opposite was possible) Dan Riehl didn't update on it either. Malkin had the best offering on Ellie Light. So I don't have any LCR specifics to offer on the Obama astroturf story or my interaction with the David Plouffe/Organizing for America/White House directed/Cass Sustein inspired and orchestrated/propaganda campaign that doesn't surprise me one bit.

Hannity did talk about it tonight (I'm still proud of my small part in this):
Patterico is still clocking in with the best coverage on this, today he updated the following that you should check out:

Kudos to Patterico for doing the best work on the net on the whole Ellie Light/Obama astroturf deal, I am glad to have spoken with him and worked on this with him as well. For now, I think that the most likely suspect may have been missed. Saberpoint deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for finding him/her. It is highly possible that this man/he/she (as ugly and unseemly as he/she is) is the real Ellie Light:

[Ellie_Light.<span class=

Wait, doesn't this look kinda like one of the Obamanation's Chicago thug cronies?


  1. You'd think that the White House aides would have at least been smart enough to sign their bogus editorial letters with a different name each time. Then again, they're not that smart. Axelrod does look better with earrings and blue eye make-up. ;-)


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