A Conversation Between Smitty of the Other McCain and the Left Coast Rebel

by the Left Coast Rebel

When the Ellie Light issue hit last week I was confronted with a serious dilemma. Winston44 had contacted me and claimed that she was actually Ellie Light. As it panned out, this Winston 44 character actually did turn out to be the real Ellie Light and the story is finito, as they say. The dilemma mentioned though was this. Patterico contacted me and needed the IP address of the Winston44 persona - to my technical chagrin (and utter inability) I turned to Smitty at The Other McCain and he gave me some very good techie advice. He's a techie kinda guy. Wired like that, I'm not, that's life - right?

Anyhow last Sunday night I saw that Smitty was on the Google IM so I jumped on really quick to give him a 'thank you' for the help and all. I mentioned the Ellie Light story and from there we struck up a conversation. Anyone want to hear it? Ok, can do. Before that I must say that you need to visit and patronise (in a good way) the slick, clean new Other McCain worpress site. Tell 'em I sent yah, ok?

What I'm going to do here for you this weekend is simply post our conversation, straight from the heart and mind of two thinkers and concerned Americans. It's rough and unpolished but consider it a conversation of the top things on our minds, unrehearsed, a pub chatter, if you will. I emphasized where I thought it needed to be.

Look at you go! (the Ellie Light affair)

LCR: Heh, I'm hating that I will come down from this eventually.

smitty: Something equally stupid will occur, then you pounce.

LCR: yah, the problem for us is not access to stupidity from the Obamanation, that's for sure.

smitty: I keep wanting to hope that the administration sobers up, but the Socialism is some serious dope.

LCR: I know Chris, the thing is that if they don't sober up, the electoral fallout will be unprecedented - I just hope we can survive up to that point.

smitty: So they put on a show of sobering up, to blunt the impact.

LCR: yes, but it's not going to work with the American people (praying).

smitty: I think the Internet is the reason it won't work. Also $12+T debt.

LCR: Yes Chris, the latter first, thousands of citizen activists second, I mean look at this crazy Ellie Light thing, the comment at LCR from the troll (connected to the whole thing) is one of the things that set this in motion - I'm a teeny fish in the sea and making an impact.

smitty: Oh, I feel the same way. That's the point, though: we've all roughly equivalent weight. Technology is the equalizer.There was Sarah Palin, writing a book. Lynn Vincent had also written one with Stacy McCain. I'm his co-blogger. Suddenly I'm on the edge of people who will likely make history books.

LCR: Totally, and I bet you never would have thought that you would be here, right now doing this and helping stop this thing (socialism), you and RSM are playing a key role right now (just in case you didn't know) I bet you guys are tired sometimes though - I sure am, the b*tch slap of Tuesday couldn't have come at a better time.

smitty: We're going to be all full of vigor after CPAC, though. My fear is that, as with the Bernanke flap, people mistake a change of nameplate for substantive action.The near-total lack of analysis of systemic flaws is what makes me tired.But I sat on my thumbs for too long, and so my penance is to be something of an activist.

LCR: I know what you mean Chris, you could see that a little with Scott Brown 'hinting' at universal health care, I hope that the tea party movement doesn't just seat another round of big govt Bush types - the same end result as Obama, just decades down the road.

smitty: Even though the ObamaCare people are wrong, it is still necessary to educate them on why, and offer something reasonable as an alternative. There is some merit to the argument that 'just say no' is too simple. But, in the context of the nonsense that has been perpetrated the last century, you can see where the Left figured that now was the time to go all-in for this socialist transformation.

LCR: I agree and in that moment, all the opposition can cry out is 'no' because many (most) have lost the philosophical underpinnings of just why socialism is evil and destructive, especially in the unique constraints of how our country was founded. Decades of brain washing in public schools, force fed media/govt complex propaganda and a general moral slide in America have led up to this as well.But you see an awakening all around us, perhaps it is like the aftermath of 9-11, Americans are ready to stand up and fight for Her. (her being the country and freedom).

LCR: Business friends of mine think that the Obama/Pelosi/Reid pack of thieves has a lot to do with the malaise now too (duh).

smitty: Yeah, but that's symptomatic. Progressivism is the disease, the debt is the tumor. I don't care what your governor says.

LCR: Indeed, the debt is the tumor of the cancer of a failed ideology that has been disproved the entire previous century.

smitty: What I fear is that the oligarchs, sensing the jig is up, pull the plug, and then we see no-kidding breadlines.

LCR: I know, Chris the Cloward/Piven deal is something of a possibility - the masses don't realize it but it is a distinct possibility, it's almost something that we can't focus on right now, we have to focus on defeating and killing once and for all the cancer amongst us.

smitty: Yes, but the transition plan is also crucial. As a squid, I think of our ship of state as off course and in shoal water. Brining her about and setting the proper course is complex. That cancer may not be as readily operable as we like. We manage things through people that are elected, but the systemic problems require thought. You (and Stacy McCain) are quite correct to emphasize the tactics. My task is to ensure we don't blow off the strategy.

LCR: I can see that, can the strategy work by bringing to light the 'antiquated' concepts that our nation was founded upon? How can it be offered to Americans (because they still do believe it, even if they don't know it).

smitty: Consider Exodus: Moses had to stand by and liquidate two generations to un-slave the Israelites. I fear our situation may have overlap.

LCR: I surely hope not but I do cede the possibility of that - if some of the oligarchy ruling us are as nefarious as they seem to be, it could even be 'plan B'.

smitty: My argument is that this is really a test of the American attention span. All solutions will take time/will, neither of which we seem to invest with any facility.

LCR: I see, how do we get around that? As you say the 12 tril. debt is not something that will go away in the middle of the night, how do we animate the American people to see the resurrection through? How do we incite their passion for the long haul?

smitty: I think you attack the systemic problems which put us here: Amendments 16/17, the Federal Reserve Act. I think you engage in a big cram down, where you divide the debt 50 ways under whatever Congressional formula suits, and simply bill the States, and let them figure it out. Allowing the debt ceiling to raise indicates a non-grasp of the seriousness of the problem.

LCR: Raising the debt ceiling as a solution for mounting, enslaving debt levels indicates a nefarious level of non-grasping of the problem, a complete and utter lack of will to project any solution for the ill. Now the cramdown of debt onto the states is something that I am wholly unfamiliar with, the dismantling of the Fed and the Federal Reserve Act in particular would be (one) of the nails in the coffin of progressivism, you can thank lone Rep Ron Paul (the kook as he is called by GOP beltway types) for any smidgen of the possibility of this.

And there we we had to call it an end. But surely it was an interesting conversation and I am very proud to have made the acquaintance of patriots like Chris (Smitty) from the Other McCain. Smitty and RSM represent the best in conservative blogging and activism. Make sure that you make their site a daily visit. Think about what we said here too. What are your thoughts?


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