Tiger Woods UPDATE: Tiger Woods Divorce After Christmas? Tiger Woods Divorce? Mistress List

by the Left Coast Rebel

BBCW has the story that Tiger Woods wife Elin Nordegren plans on divorcing Tiger Woods after Christmas. So I searched high and low for more details, the story it seems is breaking out of UK's Daily Mail:

Tiger Woods' wife is to end their marriage and return to Sweden, it was reported today.Elin Nordegren is said to be in talks with divorce lawyers, but will only launch legal proceedings after Christmas.

She now wants to spend Christmas in Sweden with Woods, 33, their two-year-old daughter Sam and ten-month-old son Charlie, it is claimed.

They will undergo a trial separation in the New Year, theNews of the World reported.‘Elin will pretend it's the usual family celebration for the children and then ditch the man,’ a source told the Sunday newspaper.

‘In the short-term they'll act like any other loving couple. Elin won't break it all up right away. ‘But she does need some time alone to herself and a legal separation will happen very quickly.’ r Christmas for the sake of their two children.

So if this is true then it is a sad ending to this sad affair. Now get this, The Daily Mail also has a collage of the 8 confirmed Mistresses. Look at this sight:

Tiger's alleged affairs


  1. I met a woman a few years ago online through Cupid Junction. She turned out to be a serial cheater who happened to be married. She was very convincing as I gave my heart to her unconditionally. What I never understood as her life fell apart like Tiger Woods's life has fallen apart, is how her husband ever trusted her again. I mean she was even having an affair with his best friend. It turned out the week I met her, she went down with her husband to see the friend in Champaign, IL. After the husband and the friend's wife went to bed, they got busy.

    I think divorce is the best thing for her at this point. I wouldn't have the courage enough to trust again.

  2. Tiger going to Sweden?
    You can run Tiger,but you can't hide. Some online sports news sites, listed on Dozensports.com, say the world's best golf player could be moving to Sweden to escape the media glare. But if this happens he won't be able to escape the guilt of his actions. Anyway, isn't Sweden a country filed with beautiful blondes? Bad choice for a sex addict.


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