Theresa Roger PICTURES, PHOTOS, Latest Mistress Tiger Woods

by the Left Coast Rebel

Now get this, there is a 14th woman in the Tiger Woods scandal, this time it is a certain Theresa Rogers from Wellington, Florida. Theresa Rogers is 48, some are calling her a 'cougar', I'll let you be the judge on that. I can't believe the depths that the Tiger Woods Scandal has gone too, you have to have updates every day to keep up with the scandalous women, Theresa Rogers just being the latest. Photos/pictures that I could dig up on Theresa Rogers:


The full picture of Theresa Rogers, not zoomed in:

Theresa Rogers Pic

This Theresa Rogers picture proves that 'it's not the age, it's the silicone that counts'.


  1. Well you know Tiger is like a lot of men,he just got caught because he's well known.How did he have time?


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