Senator Whitehouse of Rhode Island: Foes of Health Care Bill are Birthers, Right-Wing Militias, Racists, Aryan Groups

by the Left Coast Rebel

Yesterday an otherworldly moment obviously staged to garner attention, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, (D-Rhode Island), instructing anyone that is listening on the floor of the Senate that opposition to Obamacare and to Obama in particular are not only racists but right wing militia members and Aryan nation types.

The insurance industry is watching it's business model die? Not quite, check the previous post. If anything the mandates in the Senate health care reform are something they are quite happy about. Of course my inside guy that manages health care stock positions for a medium size hedge fund had a great few days here lately - the health care provider stocks have rallied quite nicely.

I guess I'll phone my liberal friends and fill them in on the news that they are Nazis for opposing Obamcare. Should I?

Also, wouldn't it be fascinating to know just how many Senators and White House officials think along similar lines as Senator Sheldon Whitehouse? I think that his beloved Broc Obama thinks in a parallel fashion to Whitehouse, do you?

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