Senator Max Baucus Sex Scandal: U.S. Attorney Nod for Girlfriend Proves that Sex Sells in Washington, PHOTOS of Melodee Hanes

by the Left Coast Rebel

Via Memeorandum, another case of the Friday-night-dump that we are all getting accustomed to, late night yesterday, Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus' office confirmed that the Montana Democrat senator nominated his girlfriend, Melodee Hanes, to be U.S. attorney in Montana. Several top right/libertarian bloggers spotted this story earlier than I did, (sleep and all).

Eric Dondero at Libertarian Republican:

Baucus divorced his wife Wanda last April. The couple had been together for 25 years. Reportedly, the name was withdrawn for consideration around the time that Baucus and Hadlee decided to move in together in a posh DC townhouse. The Baucus
office is spinning it that he and Hanes divorced their respective spouses before the relationship began. But at least one of those spouses and apparently jilted lover, is contradicting their story.

Go to Libertarian Republican to read the rest of the details Eric has along with an outstanding Saturday morning lineup. Someone had extra coffee this morning!

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this Baucus scandal was - what does this mean for the health care bill, being that Baucus plays a key role in negotiations? Reaganite Republican and I think alike. What's that saying about brilliant minds? Reaganite:

This episode comes at a real bad time for Baucus, who is now leading Senate negotiations over the troubled, unpopular, and highly controversial health care bill. Will this hurt Baucus' credibility as the bill is debated on the Senate floor? You'd think so, but who knows in today's upside-down, morally-bankrupt DC... while of course the MSM and DNC will be doing their best to smother the story or cook-up some new Alinskyite diversion.

Today's Democrats just continue to rub their power-drunk arrogance in our faces... had enough yet? And just imagine what the Left would have been saying had Mark Sanford proceeded to go and get his mamasita a government job... these people's hypocrisy knows no bounds whatsoever- disgusting.

The Right Guy weighs in on this scandal too. I like the fact that he refers to Baucus' girlfriend as his Concubine. How truly fitting:

I wonder what kind of Healthcare Plan Max practiced on her? I can only guess. May be he and Eldrick Woods exchanged trade secrets at the National Narcissistic Sociopaths Society convention this year. Whatever the case, Baucus is just one more hypocrite and sociopath elected to represent the american people.

Read the rest here

The Other McCain is weighing in on the potential bonanza of jokes that this affair may set off. The first round? Well let's just say it has to do with his staff and Melodee Hanes' unique position(s). Disclaimer: Not Family-Friendly.

Stacy is also highly ungrateful and gets whatever comes his way. Agree?

Senator Max Baucus' girlfriend Melodee Hanes. Was it worth it? A black-eye for Obamacare?

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UPDATE:Welcome Other McCain and Instapundit readers!


  1. This will be news... but Tigers news will overshaddow it big.

    This is very interesting information that you are sharing here.


  2. I'll mod my post to link yours too.

  3. What a sleaze bag. Well, I just hope the good people of that state FIRE HIM next election.

    I hope everyone is praying (literally) this weekend that ObamaCare, or whatever it's called now, is dead in the water.

  4. The problem is that since the libs have no standards of conduct or behavior, none of them will be outraged by this.

  5. Another point: Baucus is a gay-baiter. Remember his 2002 campaign. "That's not how we DO things in Montana!"

  6. How about: she did it for her country? Or the movie: Broke Baucus Mountain: A love story between a politician, his concubine and his constituents. Everyone got screwed.


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