Senator Jim DeMint: Senate Conservatives Fund PAC

by the Left Coast Rebel

It's funny, The Hill is running a story on Senator Jim DeMint's efforts to bring more conservatives into the GOP. He made the headline because he was quoted as saying:

"GOP leadership has gone to the left.We need people who believe in constitutional government, a balanced budget and liberty and so I'm out across the country recruiting new republicans who I think if they get here will not only challenge the institutions of government but be willing to even challenge the Republican Party and our leadership if they feel like we're going in the wrong direction."

It's funny because just yesterday someone emailed me some information on DeMint's PAC and the great work that he is doing to support upcoming conservative candidates, pre-primary. This from The Hill:

DeMint's comments come as party leaders such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch
McConnell (R-Ky.), National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) chairman John
Cornyn (R-Texas), and RNC chairman Michael Steele have come under fire from
several conservative bloggers and conservative grassroots activists.

They argue that they have not done enough to thwart the Democratic
legislative agenda and to back conservative candidates running in primary

Those on the right point to some establishment Republicans' initial support
for state Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava (R-N.Y.) instead of Conservative Party
candidate Doug Hoffman the New York special House election.

So here is the thing, why this is important and interesting. DeMint, as I said, has a PAC. It's called the Senate Conservative Fund. So far the PAC has raised 1.1 million and has contributed to Pat Toomey's candidacy in Pennsylvania, Marco Rubio in Florida Chuck DeVore in CA and it is rumored that DeMint and the Senate Conservative Fund may support Rand Paul's candidacy in Kentucky. Go here to check out and donate this PAC, a worthy cause from a good man. Go here directly to either donate to the PAC or each candidate individually.

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  1. He's right on target ... we Conservatives don't vote for candidates that just want to get along in Washington.

    STOP RINOs !!!

  2. Good man- God Bless Jim DeMint!

    Same agenda/cause as SarahPAC...

  3. We need to make the RINO'S extinct.

  4. If we want to return true conservatives to DC each of us should find a candidate near you, or far heck mail a check. Do all you can to support them and get them elected. The Republican party has gone off its original platform. We need to cut spending by not giving tax payer benefits to people not in the country legally. We need to stop our troops policing the world. We need to make sure we NEVER go into any country on a UN mandate only our congress has the constitutional authority to send our troops into harms way. We need to stop our government giving tax payers money out around the world if we want to donate our money to charity we have the right. Congress does not have the authority to give away what does not belong to them. As Col. Davy Crockett learned years ago. I am Delia Lopez running for congress in Oregon, and we all need to work together to restore our Republic.


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