Sarah Palin: The Arctic Fox and Rugged Individualism

by Howard Towt at Anti-Republican Culture

Sarah Palin has been in the news recently. She is on a national tour to promote her book “Going Rogue,” and has been generating equal measures of excitement (from her supporters) and outcry (from her opponents).

Depending on your political leanings, you either consider her unqualified and clearly out of her league, or inspirational and with a long list of accomplishments.

Here’s a picture that seems to spark controversy:

It’s a frame taken from a YouTube video shot in Kuwait in July 2007. It shows Governor Palin shouldering a Colt M4 Carbine 5.56mm training rifle while visiting her deployed troops from the 3rd Battalion 297th Infantry Regiment of the Alaska National Guard.

When I see that picture, I think “This is a person who is comfortable with firearms. This Governor probably has no difficulty getting the safety off and chambering a round.”

Does she make you think of anyone?

Editor's Note: I met Howard upon my trip to Colorado in October, we have corresponded a few times and he runs a great blog. Visit his site and read the rest of his Palin piece here


  1. LCR, this is one area where I have several disagreements with Palin.

    For starters, scopes suck. Irons sights or holosights, but lose the scope. Maybe an express scope at X1.75... but still kinda wonky.

    Secondly, and more important, if that is in fact an AR15 platform, the caliber is too light. One wants want AR10 or M1A in 7.62 NATO. [You want to know that you've just pulled the trigger and your enemy wants to know why his head just exploded.]

    One last thing... Ear rings and wedding rings? Better ear plugs and soft leather gloves. Just sayin'.

    Other than that, who does she make me think of? That's easy... my daughters.

  2. @Ran:
    Depends on what type of shooting you do, and how your eyesight is. For most military stuff, ditch the scope. I prefer the M1A for such things. For hunting, I use a scope on both of my rifles for a few reasons. I shoot better with them, I can shoot at longer ranges and I can see in low light whereas with open sights I would be done. At 47, I just can't see as well when light goes away. For hunting, I use a .30-06 or a .444. Both work well.

  3. RG... You're right... low light demands more than my M1A's iron sights. Great thing at our age is that it's almost impossible to NOT focus on the front site!

    BTW, I wuz wrong: Our Arctic Fox is peering through a red dot. Thought it looked familiar**.

    Yeah - 30-06, 444. both just over 3,000 ft-lbs normal loads. [sez he with happy envy...]

    **Linked back to here, of course. Thanks LCR!


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