Of Mortals and Messiahs: The Obama Liberal Conundrum

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by the Left Coast Rebel

As many of you know I live in Coastal California,(above), North County San Diego. It's beautiful, it's scenic, it's picturesque; it's just what you would picture, of a movie. I am lucky enough to have moved here when I could, when it was economically feasible. It does have downside. It's expensive to live here. It's crowded. It's noisy in the summers....

It's also highly liberal, as many gorgeous coastal locales are - that's not surprising. Moonbats, sunbathers rejoice!

The topic of which brings me to the topic of which I am writing this piece, you see. I have several neighbors that live in close proximity to me. They are nice, nice-enough. They are flowery, colorful but good - clean citizens. I can respect that. They are unabashedly Obama-fans de jour. I can actually understand that too. Respect of that, I am not so sure.

Which is fine and dandy, live and let live. I'm not going there despite what you may think I would do from reading my pontifications at my site. I pass by their abode with curiosity, (obviously), but I don't bludgeon them with my opinion, of ill or good. Here's the thing, though. They have bumper stickers on their cars. Lots of 'em:

Obama 2008,

Obama = World Peace,

Obama + the Peace Sign + Hope and Change

And as I pass by without somewhat rudely requesting a question, and I am sorry if this is all-too obvious - I think, 'did they not know' that 'O' promised to 'escalate' the war in Afghanistan? How could one miss this? How could this fit into the the Peace-sign slogan? How? How, even when his campaign promise and slogan guaranteed the precise opposite of this?

So it is funny, albeit shocking to me, when I venture from my own backyard and see this type of thinking on this topic. It is even more surprising when I read the sentiment that I have taken too in the Washington Post.

Interesting, shocking, surprising?

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  1. It's my experience that people sometimes think others think like they do. It was interesting in 2008 with the election. I put a Palin sign on my front lawn and it changed things with some of my neighbors permanently. Like you, I normally don't get into it with them. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

  2. This is getting to be fun. I just watched Wanda Sykes go after the POTUS in her opening monologue.

    The sharks are sensing blood.

  3. Tim said: "but I don't bludgeon them with my opinion, of ill or good."

    Fair enough, Tim, but since I have about twenty years on you, I have no reserve when it comes to speaking to these ... well since you have a PG rated blog, I'll keep it to the ubiquitous, morons" "imbeciles," etc. My true thoughts and actual words are better said at the NOT SO PG rated, Libertarian Republican blog. After all, one can be called a Nazi, moron, slumlord for so many years, before one ceases to care anymore, and tell it like it REALLY is, sans PC.

    And by the way, you are rapidly becoming a top drawer blogger my friend. Keep with it!


  4. I posted a link to my blog on facebook. It was one where I sent a letter to leadership asking them to stop with the job killing programs and to stop rushing healthcare. Inncuous enough except it generated a maelstrom of political rabitity on my link. Even the "you guys lost you need to get over it already" comment. It also somehow spawned into a heated discussion on gay rights. Who knew that asking Congress to slow down and focus on the right thing could create such a firestorm of anger and ideology.

  5. Cruise missle liberals. They can't see the hypocrisy.

    North San Diego County is solidly liberal? huh? That place is solidly Republican. I'm from Orange County, I should know.

  6. I don't know how they still keep the bumper stickers on. And you must have some thick skin to ignore them. I'd be running away from them as fast as I can. Rather than pretend their not there, I'd rather just not have them there at all.


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