Obama Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance: Reactions

by the Left Coast Rebel

With this story I am doing something a little different than usual here at the Left Coast Rebel. Instead of offering up my opinion of this ridiculous Nobel affair I am pointing you to what friends and others are saying.

Another Black Conservative weighs in:

I think I would go a little further and say that his accomplishments are non-existent, but hey that is just I. The again, a local Norwegian reported asked Obama about how he felt about his "premature" Nobel Prize.

I am glad to see that the Nobel Prize committee has complete egg on their faces now that Obama has sent 30,000 troops to Afghanistan and has completely dissed the people of Norway by canceling many of the Peace Prize events, including lunch with the King. This is what you get when you try to make political snubs instead of awarding true achievement.
A simple rumination from KOOK, I love the Happy Meal graphic:

Ok, Obama gives a great speech. But his happy meal toy.. er peace prize acceptance speech is just so much hogwash. He gave it but I don't believe he really believed it. If it had come from someone who had actually accomplished something great it would have been better. If only his policies were equal to his rhetoric.

Sarah Palin gave Obama's Nobel acceptance speech a thumb's up to USA Today:

"I liked what he said, I talked too in my book about the fallen nature of man and why war is necessary at times."

UPDATE:Michelle Malkin has gone the route of humor, (it seems to be the best route), regarding the Obama Peace Prize acceptance. She has designated today, a special day. Today is now officially National Post-Achievement Day. Even better than any humor that I or she can drum up though is the PJTV Crowder video she has up:

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