Obama: No Longer Mister President; Master President

by the Left Coast Rebel

From Griper's blog:

As the founding fathers would say it won’t be long before we’ll be calling the President “Master President” instead of “Mister President”. It sure didn’t take very long in history to go from a nation of free men who knew and understood the responsibilities that came with liberty to a nation of men who are so willing to give up that freedom to avoid the consequences of that responsibility.

As for the rest of you, I can only hope that this legislation wakes you up to the fact that government, by it nature of existence, is not the servant of the people you believed it to be but government is a fearful master of the people disguising itself as an obedient servant. It may appear that government is a very benevolent master at the moment, but master it still be.

Heed the words of a man who knew very well what the meaning of master was. Take his words to heart as he speaks of government and what government is. Heed them well for only your children and grandchildren will finally understand the meaning of those words by experience.

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