The Obama Jobs Summit: More Bread Line Solutions

by the Left Coast Rebel

CNBC earlier today went to the so-called 'Jobs Summit' that Obama is holding today. They cut out normal programming, I watched the Manchurian candidate give his little tit for tat, the content of which was predictable. Bloviation, bromides and hot air.

Also, a partial list of attendees, (the full list will be released tomorrow), shows liberal business leaders, liberal economists credited with shaping the 'Stimulus', union leader, academics, heavy donors to 'BO' for Potus among others. Go here for more.

Those not in attendance? Folks that weren't heavy contributors to 'BO' for President, and the traditional voices of business, free enterprise and free markets: the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business. The Washington Times has this:

Representatives from NFIB and the Chamber of Commerce said their organizations were not asked to attend, but representatives from some of the country's largest unions, Change to Win and the United Steelworkers, will participate.

In other words barred for entry were two of the vocal critics of Obamanomics that have been sounding the alarm of the coming job destruction associated with socialized medicine and Cap and Trade.

Shocker of the day --- the "Jobs Summit'' is another echo chamber gathering of leftists to garner support and atta-boys for the failed policies that they have instigated. Doubling down on bad ideas, as they say. And like I have said, it is not only the failed policies, (like the so-called stimulus), but the stuff coming down the pike, and the general hostile attitude towards free enterprise that the Obama administration has exemplified.

All things that have bled and shed more jobs than you can bat an eye at.

Something else too. As I was watching CNBC and doing some business paperwork, the Stop Trading segment came up with Jim Cramer. Cramer basically reiterated what I just said above but he also added the Pelosi Congress as the main inhibitor of job creation and/or recovery at this point. He stressed that for each major initiative like health care or cap and trade, one can collectively write off another couple of million jobs. For each. he said that business leaders large and small know this and are 'waiting out' hiring. He said that November will prove to be a bloodbath for these fools pushing these things and killing our economy further.

Coming from a man that isn't quite the sterling advocate of free markets, I'd say that his points are telling.....

Evan Newmark in the Journal today also points to the obvious:

Obamanomics — the White House’s jumble of industrial policy, massive deficit spending and tax hikes — isn’t working.....

Do you think that FedEx CEO Fred Smith and United Steelworkers President Leo Girard will somehow reach agreement that the best way to create jobs is to kill the union-card check?

Do you think that Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, will suddenly serve up innovative ideas for trade unions to assist small businesses?

It seems unlikely.

And so the jobs summit will fail for the same reason Obamanomics is failing: The White House mistakenly believes economic growth and new jobs are created by society’s stakeholders — business, labor and government — cooperatively working together.

But that’s not the way capitalism works. It doesn’t take a village to create a new job. It takes a businessman trying to make another buck.

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  1. Slash regulations, slash taxes, declare a tax discount on overseas corporate money repatriated to the US.

  2. @ Foutsc - How about doing the precise opposite of that and expectiong the opposite outcome of what is realistic? Nah, no government would be THAT stupid.....

  3. You can't improve a problem without asking the people in the trenches what's causing it. I just wrote my blog on this and I know because process improvement is my day job. The fact that they didn't include any of the employer groups is a sure sign that they don't actually want to solve the real cause of the problem.

  4. @ Spinster - Totally true but you are making a critical error of assumption here. That being that they actually do want to fix the economy!


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