Harry Reid Slavery Comment: Logical Fallacies from the Left

by the Left Coast Rebel

All of my main news sources are listing reactions to Harry Reid's slavery comment yesterday. The funny thing is the reaction at the left wing sites. I'll point you to a few, so you don't have to yourself. Note that I am not linking any. First is Air America, (yes back from the grave of bankruptcy, Air America.com):

Sure the Republicans freed the slaves and created the 13th and 14th amendments. They were branded "radical Republicans." No debate there. But there is quite a history of the GOP and its maniac messengers using the history of slavery to underline various forms of wingnuttery.

Ron Paul called taxes slavery.... Mike Huckabee likened abortion to slavery earlier this year.....

Obviously this guy from Air America has a little mind, he is committing an egregious error of logical fallacy of Reid's logical fallacy. Specifically this is a non-sequitir sort of logical fallacy as Ron Paul, (hardly a GOP guy), equating over taxation to servitude is hardly along the lines of the Senate majority leader equating opposition to a policy, (health care 'reform'), as supporting slavery.

Media Matters also has a huge list up of Glenn Beck comments. Essentially they are saying that Reid's comment is overshadowed by Beck's. They point to one quote from Beck in particular where he says that "The government's spending is turning us into slaves."

Once again a non-sequitir. For one Beck is a talk show host. He is a pontificator. He is an entertainer. He is not one of the most powerful men in the world, the leader of the Senate. And once again the non-sequitir of linking the two comments. Beck is referencing coercive taxation as "slavery", (non-race related) and Reid is equating opposition as raaaaacist slave owners. Do the liberal trolls fall for this stuff?

Small minds think alike. For what it is worth, the smallest-mind site, Think Progress is flatly ignoring the topic.


  1. @ James - Yes, how do you like the 'Work ethic molecule', lol

  2. I linked you. BTW, the fallacy is called cum hoc ergo propter hoc. At least that is what I think it is. Reid was acting as mouthpiece in this one. It has the mentality of Wright all over it.

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  4. @ RG - Thank you. Is that the proper fallacy?

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