Harry Reid: Slavery and Women's Rights = Health Care ''Reform"

by the Left Coast Rebel

Simple advice to deflect the lunacy of the left and specifically that of Harry Reid. What is the saying?

Sticks and stones may break

Or was it: I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and....

Either one will do, how can you beat this? Today on the floor of the Senate:

How can this moron possibly be one of the most powerful men in the world? How? I see the connection here with Reid, the dots line up to one thing. Numbers, it's all about numbers. Namely - reelection numbers. The Other McCain has all of the details.

Or perhaps it is simple. Ridiculous castigation and name calling, clarion vulture-cries of raaaaacism are always the last attempt, the last screech, the last roadkill-whimper of the dying breath of an evil philosophy. Such an evil philosophy, you see; cannot be sold to the American people on a silver platter of honesty.

Therefore you have what we have today.

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  1. Hey Rebel.. linked to you in a post of my own on the same subject.

    My point of fascination on this - notice Dingy Harry discusses "There were those" and "Some Senators" when talking about Women's Suffrage and the abolition of slavery.

    What he does not want Americans to recall is that it was a conservative Lincoln of the Republican party who led the nation to end slavery, and the 66th Congress in 1920 was controlled by Republicans when Women's Suffrage was passed.

  2. I've heard people making mention of you ... and here you are. We Conservative Californians have to stick together.

    As for Harry Reid, he's a horses ass. His domain is only 30 miles from me. I'm going to help those in his state that would have him unseated.

  3. @ Soloman - Thank you for the linkage, I'll check it out. Great point on Lincoln!

    @ Odie - Yes, nice to see you here! What can I do to help unseat this bastage?


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