Hacked Global Warming Email List

by the Left Coast Rebel

First off, a massive, back-breaking, spinal-contorting, Obama Japanese Emperor bow to Right Guy for rounding up this link and sharing. Visit his site and tell him 'hello' for me.

Now check this out. After checking my stats I noted that I keep receiving the same search over and over --- +++ All Hacked Global Warming Email List.

Well whomever this is, wherever you are, I have the list for you. I have a database list-link of all of the East Anglia University Climate Research Unit, (CRU), emails. Here's what you do to go through the email database. Go to East Anglia Emails.com and simply use the keyword search box. Search for the relevant emails that you hear being discussed on blogs and the radio. Here's a screenshot of the site:

CRU email list


  1. @ RG - You are quite welcome, it took me a while to come around to this but I appreciate the link!

  2. Hi Left Coast! This is a great find. It's reams and reams of stuff to keep up with, it will certainly help!

    The Video from Chicago, showing Al Gore confronted at his new book signing, then running to his car must have spooked him. I just posted he has cancelled his $1,200 per person Personal Appearance in Copenhagen. He's scared of getting confronted there too, no doubt.

  3. He's going to need the money for bodyguards and lawyers.

  4. @ Chuck, Bunni, RG - Thank RG here, he's the one that found this!


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