Frightened for America? Screaming at Senators May be the Final Approach

by the Left Coast Rebel

I just found this post over at, it speaks directly to my thoughts and feelings on Obamacare and the unprecedented power grab that we are seeing. M.A. says it well:

Starting Monday, you need to get your butt off your couch and head down to your Senators’ field offices if there is any way you possibly can. Get as many people as possible to go with you.

Go Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

SCREAM at the staff there that you are organizing as many people as you know to defeat every single person voting to enact socialism in this country by passing the Utopiacare bill.


We have been told by people who’ve worked for Senators that so few people show up at field offices that every one of them is treated like 10,000 people’s opinions. Some field offices go WEEKS without a single person showing up and crossing the threshold....

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I think that M.A. is correct, the last thing that we can do is literally head into the local office of our Senators and let our opinion be known. Do so calmly, resolutely and firmly. Let them know the specific reasons that you are against what they are trying to do. As M.A. stresses, point out that the bill has not even been read! We aren't even 100% sure of what is in it; what we do know about is frightening enough.


  1. not only that we need to roll back all of the socialistic programs now in place too. as long as they continue to exist, socialism will always have its foot in the door trying to force its way into our way of life.

    remember this is not the first time they have tried to get a form of socialized medicine into being. there was hillarycare also.

  2. Excellent, excellent idea!! I'm tellin' ya, we need to make these people in the government SCARED OF US! We have numbers on our side. Thanks LCR. :)

  3. @ Griper - Ugh, and to think that we are ADDING socialism on top of our socialist programs that we have. We are doing the opposite of what we should be doing.

    @ Sparky - Yes, tell me how it goes if you make it to your office!


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