Does Janet Napolitano Elicit Confidence? The System Worked Before the System Failed

by the Left Coast Rebel

This entire 'groin bomber' story reminds me of so many other times being a bystander on the sidelines with the Obama Administration. Remember Obama's 'shout out' to friends right after Fort Hood? I am shocked by the depths of incompetence and naivety on display, Janet Napolitano of DHS being the head of the serpent for this go-around. The system worked but it didn't, travellers are safe and they are not:

"I was taken out of context!" "Sexist!" "RAAAAACIST!"

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Of course Napolitano pulls the 'taken out of context' card here but since we live in the day and age of the internet, (they don't seem to know this), her words clearly contradict her. I think that she should resign immediately. What a disgrace.

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  1. What a DINGBAT !!! She'd have trouble running a dog pound.

  2. @ LA - She certainly has a face for that job...

  3. Yes she is a dingbat LA, obviously a few sense short of a dollar.

    And now that you mentioned it LCR I guess she does posses that certain facial quality that qualifies her for her position.

    I guess all I can say is we certainly should have saw this coming given her lack of any credentials. We live in the Age of Obama where anything is possible.

  4. think a bit. you are accusing her of the same things that the dems were accusing Bush of during his stay. don't allow yourself that luxury. accuse them of their hypocrisy. don't allow it of yourself.

  5. The Obama administration is a joke--not a very funny one.

  6. Agree with Bungalow Bill's comment. I was civil and kept my comments to myself around friends, relatives and co-workers who voted for Comrade Zero. But NO MORE!

    This joke of an administration and these "czars" will end up being the death of us. Somebody somewhere needs to raise hell about this latest blunder! I know I will be.

    A solid B plus? Please. *rolls eyes*

  7. The only time I heard of such nonsense was in the book Alice in Wonderland. Even the Chestire Cat and the Mad Hatter would find her unbelievable.


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