Brittney Murphy Dead, Cocaine Overdose, Use and an Eating Disorder

by the Left Coast Rebel

A sad and tragic story, I have come across several rumors that Brittany Murphy used cocaine and had an eating disorder as well. Of course these rumors come from wholly untrustworthy sources that I won't link here, regardless the possibility is distinct. Like I said in my previous post, if and when it is determined as to if either of these is true it is quite sad.

For the moral bankruptcy of Hollywood's live fast and die young culture is so pervasive in the town. It also bleeds out into the rest of America. You can see it when you walk through any shopping mall in nearly every town in the country. The young girls, (some barely teens), idolize and model the hollywood actresses that put up unrealistic role models of life and body.

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  1. Your right. Young girls and even young adults idolize these Hollywood actresses and then try and be skinny as a toothpick. But, also depression and having a feeling of inadequacy plays a large role as well.

    I only know this because I have a sister with eating disorders and my family has helped her get treatment for this disease for many years. But, unfortunately eating disorders are extremely hard to stop, or treat.

  2. I liked her movies. Didn't know much about her views or life. I still think 8 Mile is a great movie.

  3. @ Teresa - The crazy ideals of the super skinny emaciated female body that Hollywood propagates is very destructive. I am familiar with eating disorders too and know how destructive they are.

    @ BB - Me too, a sad story here to see her pass away at such a young age.

  4. The report intially ruling out foul play sited 'natural causes.' I read that, and thought to myself that whoever came to that conclusion needs to find another line of work.

    Age 32, bone-thin anorexic actress: dies of natural causes. What kind of morons do they think we are out here among the Great Unwashed?

    Your sources are probably just as valid (more so) than most, Lefty. I don't need 100% corroboration on common sense: if it looks like an anorexic, walks like an anorexic, talks like an anorexic and eats (or doesn't eat) like an anorexic, it's an anorexic. And anorexics die all the time, just ask Karen Carpenter's family. Natural causes my butt. Throw in some coke, that oughtta seal the deal.


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