Burn Notice: Season 3, Cagney and Lacey Reunite


by the Left Coast Rebel

It used to be that I wouldn't give new(er) shows like USA network's Burn Notice my viewing time as I felt that most tv shows in the vein of the cop/detective/CIA type typically end up in the ratings dumpster and aren't usually worth watching. My wife changed my viewing habits though, (along with many other things that result from marriage) and she introduced me to several great television shows. Burn Notice being at the top, followed by:

Medium - Produced by Kelsey Grammar, great supernatural, thriller, detective show, good family viewing.

Criminal Minds - A great all around police drama.

House - Hospital (drama?), not family friendly.

Burn Notice would be classified as an action/comedy drama show featuring a great cast of different personalities that both complement eachother and themselves. Great plot lines, special effects and never a tough watch either.

The title of the show is a reference to the CIA's issuance of 'burn notices' to discredit or announce the dismissal of an agent. In this theme, the main character of the show, Michael Westen, (played by Jeffrey Dononvan), is on a mission to discover just who 'burned' him and why and to perhaps get his CIA credentials back.

In other words - Open Ended Coolness, explosions, car chases, drug dealers, guns, fights, espionage, thieves, arms dealers, war criminals among many other things. And at the end of the day good people in need of help get helped by Michael and crew, (his buddy Sam played by Bruce Campbell and on and off girlfriend Fiona, played by Gabrielle Anwar).

A funny little aspect to the show as well for those t.v. trivia-holics out there is that Michael Weston's chain-smoking mother in the show, (that appears often), is Sharon Gless: aka Cagney of Cagney and Lacey fame.

Which makes the new season that starts on Januar 21 of this month all the better because both Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless will appear on the show. In other words, a Cagney and Lacy reunion of sorts.Woo-hoo!

Tune in when you need a break from politics....

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Rush Limbaugh Dead: Wikipedia, Twitter Limbaugh Death Messages

by the Left Coast Rebel

Call it wishful thinking, call it thinking wishfully; call it whatever you may: Wikipedia pronounced Limbaugh dead around 3 AM, (PT) on the site. Based on the fact that Wikipedia has very loose publishing standards and is at many times dominated by liberals,(some very virulent bomb throwing nutjobs), this comes as no surprise. Anyone that happened to look at Wikipedia's bio for Limbaugh caught this:

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III (pronounced /ˈlɪmbɔː/;born January 12, 1951, died December 30, 2009) is an American radio host and conservative political commentator. He is the host of The Rush Limbaugh Show, the highest-rated talk-radio program in the United States. It airs throughout the U.S. on Premiere Radio Networks.

Fortunately this error was removed from Wikipedia 15 minutes later.........

How about this death wish-list from Twitter that I sniped from Phlog?

  1. demonbaby
    demonbaby Come on 2009! There's time for one more!! RT @BreakingNews: Rush Limbaugh rushed to hospital in Honolulu after suffering chest pains.
  2. Black Canseco
    BlackCanseco I wonder what Rush Limbaugh will think of healthcare reform come Monday. Hmmm...
  3. J-Breezy The Poet
    WatchJ Rush Limbaugh is in the hospital with severe chest pains...God if u can read this tweet please give him a black doctor. Thanks
  4. Brian McFadden
    BigFatWhale I hope Rush Limbaugh isn't exaggerating his symptoms like Michael J Fox did.
  5. Bill Palmer
    billpalmer come on God, I don't ask you for much, and I very rarely ask you to smite anyone. but please kill Rush Limbaugh tonight.
  6. Dennis Stangl
    djstangl Breaking news - Rush Limbaugh has a heart!
  7. Richard Zangrillo
    plan9production Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital. I told him Oxycontin and bacon cheeseburgers were a dangerous mix.
  8. Ashley Stephens
    Ashley_Stephens So...if Rush Limbaugh dies in Hawaii, will his listeners believe the death certificate?
  9. Tristan Thomas
    ItzTrizz617 so rush limbaugh did go to the same hawaiian hospital obama was born in #ironysabitch
  10. Keegs
    guitarbassfire RT @JoeMyGod @JamesAkersJr: I hope Rush Limbaugh is saved by a black homosexual doctor with a questionable immigration status. #fb

A Happy New Year and Greeting Message from the Left Coast Rebel

by the Left Coast Rebel

I want to extend my gratitude to my readers - the patriots, concerned citizens, fellow bloggers and those that love America and what she stands for. You guys hold the keys to this wonderful country and it is through your efforts and unceasing dedication that we will gain back that which is naturally ours by birth.

I appreciate the sponsorship of my site, the Left Coast Rebel; that you guys have offered up throughout 2009. I have gained readership and growth that I did not even think was possible. I want to wish you all a Happy New Year of health, prosperity, happiness and massive electoral successes. We can and will do this.

Hapy New Year!

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Napolitano Said the 'System Worked' so Why is the Obama Administration Targetting Bloggers? A 1984 Moment

by the Left Coast Rebel

As big-governmnet socialism makes the world turn and our liberties burn, the TSA is focusing it's attention on two 'rogue terrorist'....travel bloggers:

TSA special agents served subpoenas to travel bloggers Steve Frischling and Chris Elliott, demanding that they reveal who leaked the security directive to them. The government says the directive was not supposed to be disclosed to the public.
It is amazing and shocking to me when I read headlines and stories like this. The TSA performed a disastrous job on Christmas day. So did the CIA, so did the FBI. Over 300 people should be dead if it weren't for bomber-user-incompetence.

The fact that the TSA is now focusing, (even some), of it's energy on two 'travel bloggers' that 'leaked' some stupid directive that most likely won't work anyway is 1984 on steroids. This story sounds just like how a totalitarian state operates. I just love this line, again:

The government says the directive was not supposed to be disclosed to the public.

Talk about Orweillian

UPDATE: Red has a great roundup of details on this story, go here to read here post.

Rush Limbaugh Heart Attack? Rush Limbaugh Admitted to Hawaii Hospital for Chest Pains, Painkillers for Back Pain?

by the Left Coast Rebel

One of the big headlines this morning is that Rush Limbaugh was rushed to a hospital yesterday evening with chest pains. The only statement that I see from the news source in Hawaii that is carrying this is that Limbaugh said that 'he was taking medications for back problem.' Could this perhaps be a relapse of the Oxycontin abuse that was made public a few years ago? I am going on pure speculation at this point. Limbaugh's media relations guy has told sources to check into RushLimbaugh.com to be updated on this story. From there, all that I have is the ambiguous:

ALERT: Rush was admitted to a Honolulu hospital yesterday and is resting comfortably after suffering chest pains. Rush appreciates your prayers and well wishes. He will keep you updated via RushLimbaugh.com and on Thursday's radio program.

As the pajama-ponitificator my mind still goes back to the admittance of 'meds for back pain' and the fact that he told emergency workers that initially. To be updated.....

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Senator Ben Nelson's Bribery for Pieces of Silver Leaves Him With a Judas Approval Rating


by the Left Coast Rebel

The emblem, the face, the head of the serpent of the malfeasance of socialism of medicine, of rearranging a huge swath and percentage of the American economy; our health and our privacy.

Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska - Bought and paid for with pieces of silver. How many? 500 million? Who even knows....

As with Judas, Ben Nelson's silver pieces have given him naught. John Fund in the Journal today points out that 61% of Nebraskans would support GOP Governor David Heineman over Silver-Coin Nelson. Pointing to in my mind what is the public/political backlash unbenknownst to the statis scum running the show. Americans are frothing-mad pissed and ready to throw the bums out. We are ready for and willing to fire the thieves of our country, repeal their evil and nullify the malfeasance - state by state if necessary. Starting at the top, working all the way down.

We are ready to get the best nation in the world back.

US Airports Ordered 30 Full Body Scanners Just Weeks Before Failed Terrorist/Underwear Bombing

by the Left Coast Rebel

Clay over at BBCW tipped me on this story, another development and something to ponder with the Abdulmutallab undwear bomber incident of Christmas day. Apparently some 30 body scanning machines costing well over $100k each were purchased very close to the time of the failed bombing. Wonder of wonders, they were purchased by TSA. BBCW writes:

Now you have question why they were ordered at this time, when the machines were still very controversial in the United States. Then suddenly we have the underwear bomber and we are asked to give up more of our rights, including agreeing to a fully naked image of our bodies, to get on the airplane.
Go here to read the rest


San Diego, California Earthquake: Centered in Calexico, Mexico

by the Left Coast Rebel

It's true what you have read about California - if the wildfires don't getcha here sooner or later, the earthquakes will. What a freak-zone it must seem to be to you, the reader in a state like VA or Texas, the stories of natural disasters, (and man made liberal ones), heralding from the Once Golden State.

Today brought me and my brethren, my brethren and I yet another earthquake. This one registered a healthy 5.8 magnitude and occured at 10:48 PT. Funny thing is that I didn't even feel it, I am situated at nearly the northern most point of San Diego county. According to the image below from earthquake.usgs.gov I should have:

This 'shaker' today was centered in Mexico, 22 miles from Calexico, seen bottom right of the pic above.

“This is a seismically active area,” said Kate Hutton, a seismologist with the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. “A quake this size happens about once every five to 10 years. It’s nothing that surprises us.”
Do you think, genius?

I'll never forget the first summer living here at the coast when we had raging wildfires that ravaged a good portion of San Diego county. It was October of 2007, I felt trapped, in fact I literally was.

My residence was caught between two sections of the fires. Basically if you look at the satelite image at right, I live just above the giant plume of smoke at the bottom of the picture.

I had to place wet towels under the door and not go outside. I'm not looking forward to the equivalent earthquake.

Read more about the quake here
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Full Body Scanning: Putting the 'S' Between 'T' and 'A' (or not)

by the Left Coast Rebel

Here's an idea for you, another investment idea, h/t CambridgeLady. Perhaps an entrepeneur or the Feds themselves could jump on this, (maybe not as the Feds only take money from us, never produce it). Here it is - naked scanning shots for sale at kiosks next to the security terminals at airports.

Think about it, you could keep tabs on your New Year's diet regime, show off the shot to the hubbie or wifey or just use it as self-flattery or diet-motivator. Just think about it:

Hmm, I'm not so sure about the 'stream' coming from the crotch here.$500.00

Not flattering.$100-$200
Why not? Even though Junior is only 8 months, thou shalt not profile.$Name the price.

Name the Flick. Science Fiction is Fitting, isn't it?

Good enough for the ATF, Why not the TSA?
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Stock Investment Idea of the Year: Full Body Scanning Stocks, Which Full Body Scanning Stocks?


by the Left Coast Rebel

The underwear bomber, the groin bomber - Nigerian flight 253 bomber Abdulmutallab, whatever you want to call him. It seems to me that if you and I, John and Jane Q. Public are to be shepherded and sheep led at airports in response to the massive failure of all branches of authority. Of course the actual folks responsible for letting a mad-hatter onto a plane and getting close to killing 300+ Americans won't have to deal with the new hassles at airports.

You will be scanned at airports. Your entire body, naked scanning, full body scanning is what it is called. According to the WSJ, Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport has 17 whole-body scanners, albeit they were used on a voluntary basis. Those (un)used scanners are made by a company called Level Three Communications, (ticker LLL).

Speaking of tickers -WSJ:

In recent trading, L-3 rose 1.5% to $88.50 after earlier hitting a 52-week high of $89.23. OSI Systems Inc. (OSIS) jumped 12% to $29.10 after setting a two-and-a-half year high of $28.49. It shares have soared nearly 40% this month. American Science & Engineering Inc. (ASEI) grew 65 cents to $79.72.

Another stock getting a boost from hopes for more orders is ICx Technologies Inc. (ICXT), up 25% to $7.90 Wednesday, adding to the 7.5% gain from Tuesday and the 18% jump from Monday.

The company's sensors - which have been used in Iraq, Afghanistan and airports - can detect explosives and other chemicals.

Disclaimer: I in no way endorse a buy or sell of these stocks. I take no responsibility for these stock picks, either buy or sell; massive profits or massive losses. It could go either way.

California Fireplace Fascism: Coming to an Obamanation City Near You

by the Left Coast Rebel

Listen to these terms America. Tell me if you think these phrases of government refer to a people that value liberty over security, freedom over imaginary public safety and health.

Spare the Air Alerts

Spare the Air Inspectors

Bay Area Air Pollution Inspectors

Spare the Air 'Violators', Patrol Areas

And the reference to these terms? Folks that reside in certain areas, of the Bay Area of Northern California that dare to infringe on the collective by.......

Burning wood in a traditional fireplace. Do you not see why liberal-authoritarianism is a mental disorder? Take note of that which I highlight from this story in the Contra Costa Times, note how socialist-Euro this sounds:

Bay Area air pollution inspectors found 47 violators burning wood fires illegally during Christmas Day's Spare the Air alert — which was declared because cold, unhealthful air had been forecast.The tally was more than double the 22 violators detected on Thanksgiving, when the Bay Area Air Quality Management District also called a Spare the Air alert.

Violators get written warnings for a first offense and $400 fines for a second offense.While critics have bashed the air district for intruding on a holiday burning tradition, a spokesman for the agency defended the Christmas crackdown Monday, saying it was done to protect public health from soot that can trigger asthma attacks, and aggravate other respiratory and heart problems.

"We know a lot of people like to burn on this holiday, but it's our duty to protect public health," said Ralph Borrmann, the spokesman.Inspectors typically patrol areas where people complain about burning or have a track record of burning on Spare the Air Days.

On Friday, the air district received 216 calls from the public. The calls were either complaints about burning, or questions or comments about the smoke rule.

CIA FAIL: Report on Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab not Released Before Failed Bombing

by the Left Coast Rebel

There are so many bizarre, albeit unshocking details coming to light with the flight 253/underwear bomber Abdulmutallab story. This one I picked up at CNN, apparently Abdulmutallab had contacted the CIA about his son's apparent extremist views but the information was never disseminated outside of the CIA. CNN:

U.S. officials said the father, a former Nigerian banker, expressed his concerns about his son's radicalization during at least one meeting and several calls with officials at the embassy in Nigeria.

The information on AbdulMutallab had been sent to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, but it sat there for five weeks and was not disseminated, the source said.

An administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity said the federal government had information that should have been assessed and meshed with other information "that would have allowed us to disrupt the attempted terrorist attack" before the suspect boarded the jet.

Apparently I have something to agree with the Obamanation on, in that this is a total failure on both the individual contacts in the government and the system itself. Now how about this? How fishy is this? The speed at which Obama reads this statement is bizarre to me. Who ratcheted this up?

Note as well that he uses the term 'terrorist' albeit 5 days after the failed bombing. It's almost as if he is trying to portray a sterness about the topic that doesn't come naturally to him. To my knowledge he never used the term 'terrorist' with the Fort Hood 'shooting' either.

Emotionless, Spock-like, cold, different than other speeches I have seen him give:

What We Can Learn From Israel

by Hack Wilson

After the recent attempted terrorist attack on Delta Flight 253 by yet another Muslim extremist this past week, the media has been flooded with investigative reports about airport screening, failed security, and the use of full body scanners among other things.

This screams to me red herring. I have a simple, quick, cheap, and most importantly EFFECTIVE way of preventing airline terrorist attacks. So simple in fact, that I think Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano's head might explode out of sheer amazement at the awesome simplicity of it.

It's what the Israelis call the Human Factor, and it is why they haven't had a airplane hijacking since 1969.

Read the rest here

Biggest Losers: State by State Proves Liberal Dysfunction

by the Left Coast Rebel

CNNMoney has an article up for the end of the year showing the top 7 states experiencing a mass exodus of residents, more outgoing than incoming. Shocker of shockers the list is dominated by liberal/statist controlled states dominated by liberal/statist business/government policies. There is no such thing as a free lunch, freedom and free markets work, 1+1=2.

Drumroll......can anyone guess the #1 state that residents are fleeing from?

California - Net loss of residents = 98,798. Liberal policies and a dysfunctional government model that only the current federal regime can outdo. Coming to an Obamanation near you.

New York - Net loss = 98,178. Need I say more? A liberal mecca to say the least.

Michigan - Net loss = 87,339. Unions, unions, unions.

Illinois - Net loss = 48,249. The home of the figurehead of the most economically dysfunctional administration ever. Enough said.

Not showed in this list, guess which state gained residents?

Read the rest here

Dave Barry's Year in Review: 2009

by the Left Coast Rebel

I've been a fan of Dave Barry for years, ever since being a kid. Perhaps this shows my indpendent streak and pseudo libertarian instincts all the way, way back when. He has a certain way of saying things, pointing to the absurdities of our society with a pro-liberty edge that is open to a wider audience. I have always sensed the subtle humor that resembles what I believe and feel coming through in his work. How could you not love the opening of Dave Barry's Year in Review:2009:

It was a year of Hope -- at first in the sense of ``I feel hopeful!'' and later in the sense of ``I hope this year ends soon!''

It was also a year of Change, especially in Washington, where the tired old hacks of yesteryear finally yielded the reins of power to a group of fresh, young, idealistic, new-idea outsiders such as Nancy Pelosi. As a result Washington, rejecting ``business as usual,'' finally stopped trying to solve every problem by throwing billions of taxpayer dollars at it and instead started trying to solve every problem by throwing trillions of taxpayer dollars at it.

Read the rest of the 2009 Review here

Chris Matthews: Saul Alinsky, Hero

by the Left Coast Rebel

Unlike Barack Obama, at least he is honest. And no, I am not talking about socialist Bernie Sanders, I am referring to MSNBC host Chris Matthews admitting that he is a fan of Saul Alinsky:

"Well, to reach back to one of our heroes from the past, from the '60s, Saul Alinsky once said that even though both sides have flaws in their arguments and you can always find something nuanced about your own side you don't like and it's never perfect, you have to act in the end like there's simple black and white clarity between your side and the other side or you don't get anything done.

"I always try to remind myself of Saul Alinsky when I get confused."

h/t Moonbattery

Hugo Chavez: Obama Illusion Over

by the Left Coast Rebel

Always good for a laugh, anytime I see a headline about Venezuelan commmunist dictator/Jimmy Carter appointed President Hugo Chavez my interest is sparked. Oftentimes he sounds like a militaristic militant cross between a college professor communist, Michael Moore, progressive idealogue and environmentalist. And don't get me started on the Hollywood useful idiots that actually love Hugo Chavez. But what's not to for these people? He's a great speaker, passionate, believes in 'equality' over liberty, imprisons his foes and enforces his viewpoint by gunpoint. Perfect for a statist.

Today brings us the Communist Carcas from Caracas chastising the Obamanation, (again, this time without sulfur), as an "illusion," rich nations bringing about the environmental collapse of the globe, the greatness of Karl Marx and the Virgin Mary + the United Nations. He even has a new environmental phrase - 'Ecoside.'

Quoting from both Karl Marx and the Virgin Mary, Latin America's leading critic of U.S. power said only socialist and Christian principles could right the wrongs of capitalism.

Chavez initially sought to foster good ties with Obama, shaking his hand and giving him a book at a regional summit. But he has been increasingly critical of late, saying Obama failed to curb "imperialist" policies in Afghanistan and Iraq, and was tolerant toward a coup leader in Honduras.

"Let's not kid ourselves: the Obama illusion has finished, and the shameless interventionism of the American administration shows that," wrote Chavez.

Having opposed the Copenhagen climate change summit's final agreement as a behind-doors deal between major powers that ignored nations on the margins, Chavez said rich nations were making a mockery of U.N. principles of equality.

"Those leaving us on the verge of an unimaginable 'ecocide,' those who caused climate change, should be forced to accept their responsibilities," he said.

The handshaked that told the world everything

Among likely friends and allies

Underwear Bombers and Rising 'Naked Scanner' Stocks


by the Left Coast Rebel

One thing that I noticed after the stock market closed today was that several unusual companies had risen during the day's trading. Small firms engaged in super-science scanning stuff, obviously in response to the 'heightened alert' because of the failed 'underwear bomber' plot.

As is the case with any infringement of an individual against the public, the government always responds to harm the individual. Gun control, free speech, the right to invest and retain your income; all of these things are jettisoned for some 'greater good' mentality as the American people are herded up as sheeple, the day's headlines screaming at them 'to do something.' Much like the case of the 'shoe bomber' incident paved the way to passengers having to remove their shoes before entering security, the 'underwear bomber' may pave the way for our privacy to be 'stripped' from us:
After an alleged terrorist unsuccessfully tried to detonate his explosive underwear on a Christmas Day flight to Detroit, current and former American officials are now using the failed attack to push for more airport scanners to spot such explosives — and a lot more.

The Transportation Security Administration in recent years has tried out a series of “whole-body imagers” to look for threats that typical metal detectors can’t find. These systems are the only way that smuggled explosives, like the one officials say was brought on the Christmas flight, can be reliably found.

Why stop there? Perhaps I should pull out an old Isaac Asimov dystopian classic to formulate a TSA plan. Why not? Why not just revert to complete police-state tactics and strip down everyone, including children before security? Then we wouldn't need multi-milion dollar machines to do the job.

Via Wired Magazine

Explosive Underwear: PHOTOS of The Foiled Bomb Turned to Nothing More Than Skidmarks

by the Left Coast Rebel

The term 'explosive underwear' conjures up fond memories of juvenile jokes of years past. I mean come on, whoopee cushions, the musical fruit, pull my finger; explosive underwear fits right into these themes. Who would think that explosive underwear would be a top news item? Well it is and ABC News got their hands on a pictures of the Northwest Airlines bomber's underwear. And since he is the artist formerly known as the 'groin bomber' his set of 'explosive underwear' is one of a kind:

The white thing to the side of the undies is the explosive PETN. It takes absolute dedication that most Americans cannot even fathom to pledge to blow up your crotch, civilians, and yourself for virgins and more.

Explosive underwear, what has this world come to? Skidmarks anyone?

Joking aside, ABC reports why this is not funny in the least:

Tragedy was averted only because the detonator, acid in a syringe, did not work.

"It's very clear it came very, very close," said Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R.-Mich., ranking minority member of the House Intelligence Committee. "The explosive device went off, but it became an incendiary device instead of an explosive device, which is probably what saved that airplane." Two of its four top leaders were U.S. prisoners at Guantanamo until November, 2007 when they were turned over to Saudi Arabia and then set free after supposedly being rehabilitated.

The acid in the melted plastic syringe, pictured below, caused a fire but did not make proper contact with the PETN.

PETN Package out of the underwear

Syringe Detonator

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Tea Party Candidate Litmus Test: Health Care Bill Repeal, Health Care Bill Repeal, Health Care Bill Repeal


by the Left Coast Rebel

I thought that I would repeat that 3 times, just to drive it home. Beltway GOPers are going to have to look forward to yet another reason to get their panties in a bunch. If they want to have the support of 9/12ers and Tea Partiers then they will have to sign onto an absolute repeal of the tyranny, malfeasance, socialism/statism/corporatism masked in 'health care reform' that may like be signed into law by the Obamanation.

Greg Sargent from the liberal Plum Line blog considers this 'binding' for the GOP and that 'right wing activists' will push all party contenders facing reelection in 2010 and 2012 into a corner. He also points out that Mitch McConnel recently dodged the question of repeal in regards to Obamacare.

Max Pappas, VP for the Public Policy division of Dick Armey's FreedomWorks thinks that the legislation is horrible enough and protested enough by the public that it may stand a high chance of repeal,
“This has an unusual ability to be repealed, and the public is on that side.” he said. “The Republicans are going to have to prove that they are worthy of their votes.”
Since our corrupt administration and Congress stopped listening to the objections and will of over 65% of the American public in regards to Obamacare the issue of repeal has been something at the forefront of my mind. I don't know folks, I simply don't. I do know that we live in unprecedented times and that anything is possible. After all, recall that the political party, the Tea Party, (which doesn't even exist), may beat out either the Democratic party or the Republican party.

I vote for repeal and a litmus test that stands first and foremost for that.

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JFK Photo Surfaces Showing JFK on a Yacht with Naked Women, Hoax? UPDATE: Hoax is Confirmed, TMZ Touts Obamcare

by the Left Coast Rebel

It is not exactly the earth-shattering news of the day but today the gossip rag TMZ released a photo of, (supposedly), John F. Kennedy relaxing on a boat with several nude women. Which of course wouldn't be considered news by today's standards. The cracked and worn image was stuffed in the drawer of an East Coast car dealer until it was passed on to his sons when he passed away.

Now get this, folks at TMZ gave the photo to forensic specialists and they determined that it was from the 1950s which would have put JFK at a time when he was in the Mediterranean Sea. August of 1956 to be exact when JFK was vacationing with brother Ted Kennedy. Interesting. Obviously nude or topless women on a yacht in the Mediterranean is nothing unusual. Obviously non earth-shattering 2x would be any of the Kennedys partying with naked women anywhere.

However, I was suspicious. Trust your gut, right? Here's the TMZ photo:

<span class=
If anything I was skeptical of the photo's JFK image, the man sunbathing in the middle-left section. How could one tell for certain that it is his visage in the shot? I mean with the high-res image it is seemingly impossible. Fishy.

And who could have taken the shot of the yacht from the angle and distance that it was taken? Another boat? A photograher on a nearby boat? And these ladies wouldn't have noticed? JFK?

My gut is confirmed. It is a hoax, a ruse and a complete fabrication. The Smoking Gun did all of the legwork and showed that the picture was actually part of a 1967 Playboy Magazine photo spread - "Charter Yacht Party: How to Have a Ball on the Briny with an Able-Bodied Complement of Ship's Belles." The black and white TMZ JFK photo is simply a reproduction of the color Playboy spread:

An interesting diversion for today, now back to work with the daily Obamanations and infringements against our liberties and country.....

Via Google Trends, Memeorandum

UPDATE: William Jacobson has the 'skinny' on another breaking story. TMZ has moved away from the JFK picture hoax to the next biggest thing --- the promise that Obamacare will 'lower the deficit, expand coverage, not raise taxes'......

TMZ relied on the same 'experts' that said the dude in the picture above was JFK. Sounds good enough reason to me to turn over 1/6 of the economy.....

Does Janet Napolitano Elicit Confidence? The System Worked Before the System Failed

by the Left Coast Rebel

This entire 'groin bomber' story reminds me of so many other times being a bystander on the sidelines with the Obama Administration. Remember Obama's 'shout out' to friends right after Fort Hood? I am shocked by the depths of incompetence and naivety on display, Janet Napolitano of DHS being the head of the serpent for this go-around. The system worked but it didn't, travellers are safe and they are not:

"I was taken out of context!" "Sexist!" "RAAAAACIST!"

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Of course Napolitano pulls the 'taken out of context' card here but since we live in the day and age of the internet, (they don't seem to know this), her words clearly contradict her. I think that she should resign immediately. What a disgrace.

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h/t BBCW for video montage
Also read Another Black Conservative

Lake Champlain Bridge Demolition, Lake Champlain Bridge Demolition VIDEO

by the Left Coast Rebel

Several years back my brother and I went on a road trip from Manhattan up the East Coast, all the way up to Canada. Seeing the news of the demolition of the Champlain Bridge brought this trip to my memory. Our destination was Fort Ticonderoga at the south end of the lake.

Anyway the year old Lake Champlain Bridge, (that spans the state line between Crown Point, NY and Chimney Point, VT), was demolished this morning. Here's the video of it coming down:

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FAIL of the Day: Janet Napolitano Claims "the System Worked"

by the Left Coast Rebel

Let me see here, Abdulmutallab's own father reported him to US authorities yet he was allowed on a flight bound for the US. He passed through TSA screening. Security didn't catch him nor flag his name. The system worked. Would Napolitano be singing the same tune if it had rained bodies on Christmas in Detroit? Perhaps the 'system' was actually a guy named Jasper Schuringa?

Criminal incompetence, all the way to the top, from Politico:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Sunday that the thwarting of the attempt to blow up an Amsterdam-Detroit airline flight Christmas Day demonstrated that "the system worked."

Asked by CNN's Candy Crowley on "State of the Union" how that could be possible when the young Nigerian who has been charged with trying to set off the bomb was able to smuggle explosive liquid onto the jet, Napolitano responded: "We're asking the same questions."

Napolitano added that there was "no suggestion that [the suspect] was improperly screened."

The system worked. I can see that, I really can. How about this? Here's a spin that only a Washington pol could come up with, it just came to me. Perhaps DHS actually supplied the faulty detonator to Mutallab. Perhaps it was just a big cat and mouse game? Possible? Genius!

This is beyond 'fishy' folks, I think that I am going to flag this incident. After all Napolitano is caucasian, speaks english...........

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Napolitano photoshop via Another Black Conservative

Of "Firecrackers" and Failed Detonators

by the Left Coast Rebel

Jasper Schuringa may still be a hero in many eyes, (other than the Daily KOS, Yglesias, et al.) but the real reason that flight 253 was not downed was due to a failed detonator. The 'firecrackers' that several passengers on the flight recalled hearing was Abdulmutallab's bomb misfiring. It is also confirmed that the plane easily could have been taken down if the bomb had functioned properly.

ABC News:

Officials now say tragedy was only averted on Northwest flight 253 because a makeshift detonator failed to work properly.

Bomb experts say there was more than enough explosive to bring down the Northwest jet, which had nearly 300 people aboard, had the detonator not failed, and the nation's outdated airport screening machines may need to be upgraded.

Now for anyone interested, the FBI staged an explosion mimicing 'shoe bomber' Richard Reid and played the experiment during sentencing. They proved that Reid's bomb could have taken down that plane as well.

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Flight 253 Detroit Terror Plot: Everyday Americans to Take the Brunt of TSA Overreaction

by the Left Coast Rebel

Call my cynical and skeptical, perhaps paranoid or a little of all of the above but one of my initial reactions regarding the Nigerian Groin Bomber incident of Christmas day was that ordinary Americans would get the shaft from 'heightened security'. Because as we know the term 'heightened security' translates to long security lines, having to practically completely undress to pass through X-ray machines and a general heightened hassle of flying anywhere. And all the while as TSA frisks and harasses grannies, they let committed bombers and terrorists slip through the cracks.

Ideological,incompetent big government at work, friends.

Prepare to not be surprised one bit, this morning's New York Times confirms all of the above:

In the wake of the terrorism attempt Friday on a Northwest Airlines flight, federal officials on Saturday imposed a new layer of restrictions on travelers that could lengthen lines at airports and limit the ability of international passengers to move about an airplane.

Among other steps being imposed, passengers on international flights coming to the United States will apparently have to remain in their seats for the last hour of a flight without any personal items on their laps. Overseas passengers will be restricted to only one carry-on item aboard the plane, and domestic passengers will probably face longer security lines.

The restrictions will again change the routine of air travel, which has undergone an upheaval since the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington in September 2001 and three attempts at air terrorism since then.

In effect, the restrictions mean that passengers on flights of 90 minutes or less would most likely not be able to leave their seats at all, since airlines do not allow passengers to walk around the cabin while a plane is climbing to its cruising altitude.

Translation for those that cannot interpret big-government-speak:

Longer lines, bigger hassles, while the FBI and DHS harass decent Americans behind the scenes. We the geniuses at the TSA will add several more layers of hassle and still let committed terrorists slip by. Welcome to big government nanny state/police state 101. Thank you for complying.

Senator Max Baucus: D.U.I, Democrat Under the Influence?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Judge for yourself but it sure seems that the esteemed Senator Max Baucus of Montana enjoyed a little too much 'Christmas cheer' in liquid form and then saw it fit to pontificate on the Senate floor two days before Christmas.

Miister Pwesident, wheh are the Senatuhs on that side of the aisle to work on a bpaartisan...

Eric Dondero at Libertarian Republican writes:

This video is making the rounds of the Rightosphere, ironically brought to us from TPM at the Leftosphere.With that background in mind, we believe it prudent to bring to you this Video. Perhaps all the pressure has gotten to the good Senator from Montana? Or maybe, he just forgot to sleep it off on his Senate office couch after the Dem Caucus Christmas Party?

Note: At exactly 3:25 Baucus gets especially beligerant, and sluring.

What do you think?:

Abdulmutallab's Father, Suspect of Flight 253 Attack Warned U.S., Homeland Security FAIL

by the Left Coast Rebel

I read several sources that showed that the Department of Homeland Security laxed their alerts for Christmas travel. Both the FBI and Homeland Security issued intelligence in November of this year that pointed to a decreased threat level for the holiday season. Could it be that DHS and the FBI have been too busy profiling, harassing and/or investigating law-abiding citizens speaking out against the malfeasance of our 'leadership'? If this is true, it is nothing new.

Listen to this from NYDailyNews.com:

The terror suspect who tried to blow up a Detroit-bound plane is the son of a Nigerian banker who alerted U.S. authorities to his "extreme religious views" months ago, it was reported Saturday.

The father, Alhaji Umaru Mutallab,(@ top left), a former minister and chairman of First Bank in Nigeria, is shocked that his son was even was allowed to fly to the U.S., family members told the Nigerian newspaper This Day.

The dad was meeting with security officials to discuss his son, identified as Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, 23. The younger Mutallab was not on any no-fly list when he flew from Nigeria to Detroit through Amsterdam, Rep. Pete King (R-L.I.) told the Daily News.

Can you imagine this? The failure of big-government on steroids, (DHS), to even accomplish the most simple task of keeping us safe is mind-boggling. If this story doesn't speak to the inept nature of our Federal government in the most extreme scenario possible then nothing. We should be jettisoning the powers that these bueracrats and pols hold, not adding to them.

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Abdulmutallab Flight 253 Terrorist Plot Details, Update

by the Left Coast Rebel

Now that I have dug up more information on the foiled terrorist plot onboard Flight 253, (at left on the runway), Christmas days, the more unsettling it becomes. Federal investigators have confirmed that Abdul Farouk Umar Abdulmutallab was indeed instructed/involved with Al Qaeda in Yemen and that he has provided detailed information to the Feds. Also, it seems that the incident was a close call as Abdulmutallab had a highly-powerful explosive on his person. Like I said in the previous post it was a 2-part system. ABC has this:

Investigators say the suspect had more than 80 grams of PETN, a compound related to nitro-glycerin used by the military. The so-called shoe bomber, Richard Reid, had only about 50 grams kin his failed attempt in 2001 to blow up a U.S.-bound jet. Yesterday's bomb failed because the detonator may have been too small or was not in "proper contact" with the explosive material, investigators told ABC News.

I would wager that this PETN would have taken flight 253 down although that is conjecture on my part. I'll have to do some searching to find just what kind of damage 80 grams of this stuff would do. Obviously he would have blown himself up, (too bad), and would have at least killed a lot of people. Knowing this, Jasper Schuringa is even more of a hero than I thought. He risked his life and should be awarded the highest possible honor.

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Jasper Schuringa: Flight 253 Hero

by the Left Coast Rebel

I'm perusing the inner bowels of the interweb after almost 2 days of absence and immediately come across the story of Flight 253, a thwarted terrorist plot by a certain Nigerian man named Umar Farouk Mutallab having taken place. Flight 253 was heading from Amsterdam to Detroit, Christmas Day.

Now get this, this Mutallab guy had ties to Al Qaeda and somehow passed screening, etc. onto the flight. How did he plan on blowing the plane up? Well from what I have read at several sources, he injected a chemical into powder, (some kind of 2-part explosive system?) into his groin area. A-la Richard Reid the 'shoe bomber' with a little spin on it. Talk about painful.

The Groin Bomber anyone?

But apart from the bizarre details above I am pointed to 1 man in partcilar, Jasper Schuirnga of Amsterdam,(left), that tackled the bastard, subdued him and prevented him from doing harm while suffering burns himself. The hero of Christmas, I would say.

Read more here and here at Libertarian Rebublican

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Left Coast Rebel Thoughts After Christmas

by the Left Coast Rebel

Christmas 2009 has come and gone, passed me by. We celebrated the day yesterday with immediate family, just the six of us. My wife and sister in law are awesome and surpassed all culinary expectation. We feasted upon Christmas turkey, ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, a slew of tasty treats as well as plenty of Merlot. In fact, oodles of it. So much joy to share and pass around!

Truly this year's celebration was a full 180, a polar opposite from last year when our collective family-spirit was bogged down by the uncertainty of my mother's health. Her 'all clear' this year made Christmas the most memorable and joyous in memory. Of course politics came up quite often, in the circle of my family - my father, brother; it is a matter of discussion and not disagreement. We all cannot believe the direction that our country is heading, we cannot believe the so-called leadership. Obviously of note was the Christmas Eve vote to ram socialism onto America. We together agreed that we are far more angry than afraid, incensed than powerless - I think that is a good thing.

Another note - it felt strange to not blog for even a day and a half. I feel that this outlet is part of my psyche now, of reaching out and formulating just what the liberty cause is and where it needs to go. To inform and arm at the same time. Regardless, and without this outlet; I think that it was good for the mind and soul to experience a brief absence.

I hope that all of you had as Merry of a Christmas as I did and I wish you much joy and happiness, prosperity and abundance. Feel free to share your stories. Now that we have rested well, let us fight to win America back for liberty and to be all that she should be.

One heart and one mind, at a time.

Where is Santa Right Now? Where is Santa with the Norad Tracker?

by the Left Coast Rebel

It's funny, I just had a little conversation with my wife and sister in law, I heard them mention the 'Norad Santa Tracker' and honestly had no idea what they were talking about. I guess that it just shows my age, (or the fact that I lost my 'faith' in Santa at a young(er) age than most). Does that show my free-thinking independence even at age 8? Perhaps.

Anyway I tracked down the Norad Tracker here, it seems that Jolly Ol' Nick as of this moment is flying over, (and dropping off gifts?) in Laki, Azerbaijan.

Uh, ok. Azerbaijan is a country that I have never heard of. Read more about it here. I see that the country's GDP is less than even the run of the mill Obamanation-Democrat bailout.

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Merry Christmas to All!

by the Left Coast Rebel

Reader's Note: New material here will be sporadic for a few days

As disturbing and maddening as are the daily stories here at the Left Coast Rebel, I have not lost sight of the most important thing in life.


For this Christmas my family and I are celebrating family but more importantly the recovery and life of my Mother. For the same God that gave us the babe in the manger, the gift of life that we all celebrate on Christmas also gave the same gift to her. And for that I will never forget these days and the time spent.

Merry Christmas All!

Health Care Bill Christmas Eve Passage: Obama's Jokers

by the Left Coast Rebel

So it's Christmas Eve and I am enjoying time with family, getting ready to visit my parents this evening. Apart from the wonderful holiday and celebration of Christmas is (obviously), the 4 a.m. vote today for Obamacare. I read somewhere that the last time a key vote on a major initiative was held on Christmas Eve was in the 1890s. Yes, the 1890s. And that shouldn't make us excited, rather we should be ready to fight like never before.

Here is a start, the enablers of tyranny, bribery, chicanery and backroom-deal socialism. At least in the United States Senate.

Obama's Jokers:

http://gatewaypundit.firstthings.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/obamas-jokers.jpgAlign Center
Senator Claire McCaskill, Senator Carl Levin, Senator Ben Nelson, Senator Al Franken, Senator Mary Landrieu, Senator Dick Durbin. Several of the most corrupt Judas pols in American history.

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