Winner of the Health Reform Video Challenge from Organizing for America: "I Deserve Health Care" by Eric Hurt

by the Left Coast Rebel

Hurt indeed, as in it 'hurts' to watch children being used as props, again - for political aims. Take a pick, make a choice; would it bother you more to see children as props for a war 'theater'. Why is it any different for a socialized scheme to snatch up 1/5 of the private US economy? Huh? I'd like to hear a coherent argument on that. How about this. How about Bush 3-4 years ago using children as props in ads and such for Social Security privatization. Imagine the outcry.

Always trust your gut, right? Well this morning Bungalow Bill emailed me this story, tipped me that the so called Health Reform Video Challenge from Plouffe's Organizing for America had come to an end, a winner had been declared:

And I went with my instant proverbial gut reaction - disgust, at the sight of children in politics, again.

Ok, so here's the scenario. You're a statist regressive pol. You're a campaign hack. You have lost the debate with the American people on the health care takeover-scheme. Your 'reform' agenda is senses as a flat-out 'F', a takeover, a Ponzi scheme. You have lost the philosophical argument. Americans are frightened about what you are actually trying to do. They fear the worst, as they should. They fear rationing, mismanagement, long lines and DMV quality health care for all to replace our expensive but best in the world HC system. You need a final propaganda push and then a few more banana-republic weekend congress-votes to get the thing through. You sense the SS Socialist-HC-Titanic has struck an iceberg and is going belly up.

What do you do, statist pol? Parade out the Chill-rens, right? Because after all, the stupid masses will surrender any and every liberty or freedom to the state, if it's For the Chill-rens.

If Obamacare doesn't pass, and I break my leg, my parents will have to sell their house. Obamacare!

If Obamacare doesn't pass, three months from now I'll need surgery and my parents won't be able to afford it and I'll wheel myself out on my tricycle and slowly die! Obamacare!

If Obamacare doesn't pass, 2 years from now I'll die a horrible death in a gutter from leukemia. It will be your fault, for you didn't listen to me, the Chill-rens. Obamacare!

Where will our children be in a nation that has mortgaged their future, surrendered their liberty and turned the most vibrant economy-experiment in human history over to folks that want them enslaved? Where will our children be in a dystopian future created from socialist-utopian ideals? -


  1. I would tell one kid don't go looking to break your leg. As for the one with luekimia in two years. What, your parents got a Deloren with a Flux Capicitor? This one by far one of the most disgusting propaganda I've ever seen and frankly, I think it's child abuse to use children in this way. Can anyone imagine if children were used this way when Bush wanted to privatized Social Security what the response would had been? This just goes to have sick and evil leftist are and that no resource is too scared to use in the enslavement of the people. I have a response to these kids. If this bill passes, you break your leg, you'll wait six months to have a cast, if you get cancer, you wait 2 years to get treated, if you're healthy, you're parents are going to go bankrupt paying for this system that you don't even use. I like to know how a 5 to 6 year old know about insurance and how many aren't on. And lastly, I DON'T OWE YOU HEALTH CARE AS MUCH AS YOU DON'T OWE ME YOUR LUNCH MONEY!

  2. This is a riot. I almost laughed at the ridiculousness of it. I love how the left always uses children for their political aims, whether it be indoctrinating them in the classroom, writing and publishing leftist children's books, or staging and scripting them in a sickening propaganda video.

  3. Oh you're such great christians.

  4. @ Madmath - Great points all around!

    @ Hack - It is a riot until one realizes that it is true.

    @ Eric - First, this is a secular blog. Second, shame on that congressman for using the baby as a prop. Third, your lack of condemnation for the above videos speaks to your moral clarity and precisely the lack of any thereof. Go march to the beat of your Stalinist lemmings you will follow them off the cliff's edge. It is too bad that you will drive out entire country into oblivion with you. Damn you forever for that.

    Christian enough for you?

  5. And you will go down with us! Straight to hell!! Ha Ha Ha!!

  6. @ LCR Readers - And there you have it, the fringe 20% of the population of our country. They all create their own state and procreat and live in their socialist utopia. I wonder what it would be like? Mexico? Zimbabwe? Worse? You tell me.


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