Veterans Day

by the Left Coast Rebel

To those that have served America, I salute you. I salute your bravery, I salute your honour. I salute your fight and your struggle to protect and cherish this great nation-experiment. I salute your valour and perseverance.

I salute you on the ground.....

I salute you in the sky.......

Americans hold a debt of gratitude that can never be repayed......


  1. @ BB - Thanks, Veterans Day is something that speaks louder in pictures for me than words.....

  2. We have a duty to repay our Veterans, by putting our money where our mouths are. Our lip service to our Veterans, does not match our actions. We cut benefits. Deny care for problems like agent orange. Veterans make up to high a percentage of the homeless. It's easy to say less taxes, smaller government, but we have a responsibility (financial) to those who have served our country.

  3. @ Tom - What in God's name makes you think that I disagree with that? The mere fact that I am a conservative means that I think that veterans should not be taken care of?

  4. We owe our veterans a debt of gratitude that we can never repay. The values they stand for, and put their life and their pursuit of happiness on the line for everyday they served sets them apart from the rest of American.

    Vets were, are, and always will be where the rubber meets the road in preserving our liberty, our honor, and our way of life.

    This nation must do more for those who protected our right to liberty and choice.

    Thank you Veterans for all you have done.

  5. I am happy to have served. If I could (legally) ship over [re-enlist] now I would. Even at fifty-five I would love to do another tour of duty.

  6. I was speaking in general terms about the ideology of less taxes and smaller government.

    I don't believe I mentioned you specifically.

    I meant the comment to be something you WOULD agree with, not some idiot attack on you, or do you always read comments from liberals as an attack on you personally?

    You must be touchy, paranoid, or maybe feeling guilty for supporting all inclusive Republican talking points like - "No New Taxes."

    My point is, that social programs like the Veterans programs should NOT be included it the all inclusive cry for less taxes and smaller government.

    Paying taxes is NOT a bad thing. It supports the greatest country in the World. If our money is being wasted, or abused, that is a different question than what we spend our taxes on.

  7. @ William - Thank you for your service.

    @ Tom - This post had nothing to do with politics, it was merely a simple tribute to our nation's heroes. Your lust for a point even in this context proves your premise. And since you threw out the 'benefits for vets' diatribe while I have never even adressed that issue on my site proves your premise about limited government advocates such as I as well. Point me to one post or comment that I have ever made that references that veterans in our country should get any less from us than the best. Find it.

  8. I never said you made any point of the kind.


    Against all the blow hard Republicans who have been making the less taxes, smaller government point for 50 years, and especially hard over the last 5 years, not to mention up to today.

    While I'm at it, The point is well taken since the last Veterans bill was written by and passed by the Republican majority Congress and Republican President. That latest Republican Veterans Program bill had a cut in its revenue compared to the previous Veterans bill.

    How can the party that claims to be the party of the U.S. Military (because the Democrats want to shred the military according to Republicans) and claim the high ground on patriotism and concern for our soldiers, cut Veterans benefits?

    It's totally appropriate to bring this up on Veterans day.

    When it comes to Veterans benefits, Republicans are hypocrites.


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