Sunday FMJRA: Conservative Blogger Chain Gang Edition

by the Left Coast Rebel

The Conservative Blogger Chain-Gang : Chipping away at socialism, nepotism, despotism and the shredding of the Constitution, one rock; one mind - at a time.......

Some news regarding the site. First off, this week brings to a close my greatest swath and number of web-eyes that my humble blog has ever received. Close to 12,000 unique visitors and 15,000 page views. All due to some timely post placement and a lot of work. A big tip of the hat for pointers and tips on direction that have led to my growth go to Cliff at Another Black Conservative, RSM and Smitty at The Other McCain, Bungalow Bill and others. Thanks all! Basically since I am having a tough time finding those that link me, (after the Technorati detonation), I am going to do as I have done recently and just shout-out to friends.

Don't worry, I wouldn't do this kind of shout-out in preempt of a tragedy in our country.

In other news, this week I received a plethora of hate-comments from trolls, nasty critters, insects and yetis, lefty-haters and everything in between. Note to trolls : calling me a racist teabagger won't get you published here.

The Other McCain this week led me in the direction of the biggest blog-fu Google bomb my site has ever seen. 5,000 page views in one day. Unfortunately it kind of involved sex, (which I usually shy from at the site), but there was a silver lining - I was able to defend the name and integrity of several conservative women. All in a Carrie Prejean post. You know what's funny? RSM is so big that a decent amount of my site-traffic comes from being on the 'Hot Blog' list at the left top of the site. Keep it up guys!

Another Black Conservative helped me burn up my site meter this week as well. Kudos to Cliff and friends for attending the Glenn Beck show that aired on Friday this week. Although a bit of a disappoint that he wasn't heard from directly, it was still special. Judging by the fallout in the nutroots, Beck + the black conservative theme is a winning formula. Pictures at ABC here, what a great-looking bunch!

Bungalow Bill's Conservative Wisdom is a great site. I became aware of the fact that BB's site was growing when I started to come across it via. Google searches. Bill is a great mind to pick with blog-questions and a great forum of thought for growth. I credit him as well for putting me in the direction of off-beat stories and commentary that aren't necessarily political. Thanks Bill!

Now some shorter shout-outs to friends and allies :

The Conservative Lady. I don't think that I have listed TCL in an FMJRA before but I should have. Her content is top-notch, she is resolute and on-target and puts on her activist cap when it is needed. Definitely worth a daily visit!

It Don't Make Sense. Actually it does. Nickie Goomba and team are always great at putting up great content that is easy on the eyes and pertinent as well. They also know when to put the activist caps on. Rated pg-13, but his Obama bowing graphic from this week is to die for. I also love Rhod's writing style!

MAinfo, Opus kicking butt. I love her post on Hannah Giles at the Reagan Ranch. Much like Bungalow Bill, Opus was one of the first patriots that I met when I first started blogging. God bless her!

A KOOKY guy with a Manifesto. A KOOK for liberty and common sense. A KOOK with great new content that is hitting it's stride. A Manifesto that has attracted the attention of some in the nutroots! How could you not love this conversate-inspire post?

Reagan principles are conservative principles, right? Always providing good linky-love, (I apreciate the Prejean links!) and weekly chats, James at Reaganite Republican this week hit on several great topics. His latest post pertains to Giuliani and the 9/11 trials.

Round of applause to Carol at No Sheeples Here. Carol jumped at my request to make a spooky Friday the 13th graphic for the Beck/black conservative show. Man is she talented or what?

Stogie at Saberpoint also had a hand in the Friday the 13th graphic and is much appreciated. He has really been on a roll with content at his site as well. Thanks for the techie tips and kudos Stogie. Readers, make a daily trip to his site.

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  1. Thank you for the mention, LCR!! It is quite an honor!!

  2. Great Job Rebel-

    A lot of people out there seeking the truth... or at least some pix of a hot blonde, LOL

  3. LCR - The blogs to check out should be a weekly thing I think. I think it's a great idea to share the great blogs we've come across. Sometimes it's hard to go out there and find them on your own :)

  4. Thanks, man! 'Tis an honor. Cheers!


  5. Reb, thanks for the kind words. It's nice to know that our Conservative team gets stronger daily!

  6. LCR,

    It is marvelous that you are getting the traffic. Your efforts deserve same.

    With your permission, I should like to steal some of your traffic for an adjunctive plaudit for your site and a real eye-opener: HillBuzz, a site devoted to Hillary Clinton by a PUMA (I must imagine), whose a lot more sympathetic to we on the right than one would dare imagine. The author writes magnificently and with intense grace when she sings the praises of the Bushes, Sarah Palin, Liz Cheney, and even -- gasp -- even Dick Cheney.

    Her posts are an entertaining read and a real eye-opener. We might have some very surprising -- and very welcome -- allies in 2010 and 2012.

  7. @ RR - Well they can get both here, lol!

    @ C-Gen - I think you are right, each one of those listed is a top notch new(er) site. Note taken!

    @ Ran - My pleasure!

    @ Nickie - Isn't it? You are quite welcome.

    @ Boncka - I'll check that out and help a friend and ally if I can!


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