Sarah Palin Media Blitz: Newsweek Cover, McCain, Couric, Going Rogue, DNC Smear

by the Left Coast Rebel

How's this for a screen shot of media obsession :

palin memeo

The second day running of Palin-mania. 90% of the blitz is being instigated by the lefty blogs and lefty press as well. Most of the topics are of the typical crap that I hate so much about politics. I mean, come on; we may have a vote soon in the Senate on Obamacare and I don't really care what John McClame thinks about mean things said about him in Sarah Palin's book. I don't care honestly about Sarah Palin on Oprah, I don't care about Levi whatever-his-name is-playgirl-porn-boy. I don't care if Nicole Wallace calls Palin a meanie, blah, blah, blah, blah.

How about the dumbest thing that I saw coming out of the press today? Via CNN, a story about Palin's book and Obama. Obama isn't planning on reading it. This is news? Good grief.

I do care however that the DNC is circulating a memo, 'God Bless' that is doing a complete runaround smear job on her. And the reason that I care is that politics is never as all seems. And by that I mean that the hyena press, liberal establishment, nutroots; the whole kit and caboodle wouldn't be making nary a mention of Palin - unless there was something there. The DNC wouldn't be circulating a smear-memo unless they felt they needed to fight the Chicago-way. Palin represents something of a threat to the establishment of both parties. For all of her seemingly big missteps and fumbles, (and there are quite a few), she is still liked and loved by a lot of Americans. Her leadership ability is questionable but this can change with time.

So What I'm saying is that she poses a threat because she can prove leadership to the public, turn a corner and prove herself. And they feel incredibly threatened if that is a possibility. Because unlike many in the GOP fold - she is actually an unabashed conservative, even if she seems aloof about it.

Oh the humanity!

That's the reason behind the Palin-mania, do you agree?

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  1. Sarah Palin represents leadership to the bottom. She should have never proclaimed herself a femist and screamed sexism at every opportunity.

  2. @ Jeremiah - I don't think she should either, it plays into the hand of the left, ie that women are to be guided by the liberal prophets that know better. I think that even if she did/does sense 'sexism' it would be better to posit conservatism as a reflex than to cry the liberal-foul game.


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