The Overton Window: Glenn Beck

by the Left Coast Rebel

The nutroots are going AWOL over the Overton Window segment of Beck's show today. I think he certainly is onto something and it is anything but ridiculous to not assume that something like the overton window scenario is quite accurate:

Interestingly, the Overton Window is Google Trends top search right now. The Overton Window is a simple line-graph of the maddening dichotomy that we find ourselves in when we find Republicans doing the bidding of progressivism, liberalism, statism.

And the Overton Window is the reason that even through elections and 'D's and 'R's, we still keep marching to the dissolution of individual freedom.

Did I mention that Overtun Window is the title of Beck's upcoming book as well?


  1. This is why the left hates Glenn Beck. Who knew anything about Saul Alinksky or about Obama's coterie of unwashed communists before Beck started talking about it?

    Great post, man. I put up a follow gadget on my blog and I'm following you now. I like you choice of topics. Interesting stuff!

  2. Ot's too bad I can't listen to your embedded audio. What format is it? Is the code right?

  3. @ foutsc - Great! Glad I found your site...

    @ RG - I reposted a Youtube vid, thanks for the feedback.

  4. Beck's got a basic understanding of the concept, but he's not really on the money. For a clear, concise accurate description of The Overton Window, why not go to the very place it originated:


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