Obamacare Roundup: New Pro-Regressive Cartoon

by the Left Coast Rebel

First off, a round of applause to the guys/gals at Pro-regressive.com for the new cartoon. Hits the nail on the head, right? I'm using the theme as a roundup of news concerning Obamacare. I haven't spoken about it since the weekend HR 3962 fiasco.

  • Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection points out that Harry Reid announced today that debate will begin on Monday on the 'health care bill', as Jacobson relates: which bill? Secretive back-room tactics, a continuation of not ignoring the people. Obama Although not explicitly related to HC, also check his post on marginal tax rates and the 100% taxation/Dem majority, great read.
  • Big news this morning, Senator Ben Nelso said that he won't vote for any bill that looks like HR 3962. He is an upcoming pressure target from activists. Memeorandum thread here.
  • Will the GOP regain the town hall anger seen recently? Or has it abated, to not come back. Read this article at Politico.
  • Remember my Activist-Senatate HC post? Well, I would add Lieberman of Connecticut to that list. Here's why.
  • Speaking of the Senate and activism on our side, refer to this post which is relevant to that which needs to be done in the upcoming weeks. Target these leaders for pressure.
  • A true conservative, Senator Tob Coburn of Oklahoma may let the Obamcare bill in the Senate filibuster itself. More on Dr. No at Right Klik. Urge Dr. No, a yes on this plan of filibuster!
  • Pelosi's HR 3962 fines you $15,000 for noncompliance along with jail time. Rep. Lynn Woolsey thinks that the IRS should scrutinize bishops. I kid you not.

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