November 3 Election Day: NY-23 an Indication of 2010, UPDATED

by the Left Coast Rebel

Politico has an article up pointing to the new resurgence of the tea party/9-12/conservative activist network and the headache that this may become for the GOP hierarchy in 2010. From Politico:

Conservatives and tea party activists had already set their sights on some of the GOP’s top Senate recruits — a list that includes Gov. Charlie Crist in Florida, former Rep. Rob Simmons in Connecticut and Rep. Mark Kirk in Illinois, among others.

But their success in Tuesday’s upstate New York special election, where grass-roots efforts pushed GOP nominee Dede Scozzafava to drop out of the race and helped Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman surge into the lead on the eve of Election Day, has generated more money and
enthusiasm than organizers ever imagined.

These high-stakes primaries, pitting the activist wing of the party against the establishment wing, stand to have a profound impact on the 2010 election landscape since they will create significant problems for moderate candidates recruited by the national party precisely because they appear well-suited to win in places that are not easily — or even plausibly — won by conservative

In what could be the silver lining to the election of a far-left radical in November, perhaps conservatives will take back the party of Reagan and assert a dominance not seen since the 1980s. Perhaps the Obamanation was a gift to us on the right, at least in that respect. I know that for myself, I have never seen a unified coalition of opposition to statism like what I have in the last few months.

Everyone, from catholic mommies, libertine libertarians, defense hawks to peace activists, moderates and independents; everyone that I come into contact in the grassroots concerned-citizen side is ready to fight the war being waged daily from this administration and congress.

The Politico specifically mentions Marc Rubio of Florida as an upcoming conservative resurgent star, who else can you think of?

Stay tuned for more election coverage throughout the day.
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The NYT points readers to the 3 key races tonight that could signal political winds. These are the ones to specifically watch as the numbers come in later:

  • NJ race for governor. The closest of the races, Chris Christie, 'R' vs. Jon Corzine, 'D'. Obama put a lot at stake on this race and NJ is a blue state, polls close in less than 2 hours, 8 p.m. ET. Too close to call from polling earlier in the week.
  • 'D' Creigh Deeds vs. 'R' Robert McDonnell in VA in the race for VA governship. This race may point to indpendent support for either the 'D' or the 'R' as they supported Obama in 2008 overwhelmingly.
  • NY-23, (duh?). This one goes without saying. A Conservative Hoffman win is a start for the future of conservatism insurgency, a rejection of the Obama agenda. A first of many victories for conservatives. A 'D' win, is well; a victory for the other side. Polls favor Hoffman. Any readers know when the polls close?

UPDATE II:Political Byline has the scoop on the supposed 'intimidation' that the Hoffman camp is pushing at the polls. Hint -- Little Green Ninnies -- had something to do with dissemenating false information.

Rightklik also has a great take on the same story. He points to the same tactic being used that Scozzafava employed. Calling the cops anyone? Congrats RK on the Memeorandum noteriety, you rock!

There are also reports of election fraud in NJ, taking a nod from the Frankenstein camp of winning, there seems to be something amiss with the absentee ballot situation in the state. Does it stink? You call it. How about this story too? The sanctity of our electoral process?


  1. The GOP better take the hint very seriously, or the GOP could become extinct. We need to go back to Reagan conservatism. Conservatives are speaking loud and clear with both their votes and their voices, and the GOP would do well to heed their message.

    Thank You for the link to my blog.

  2. We need to keep an eye on Ryan Frazier (links on the bottom of the page)

  3. Yes. Thanks for the link ins... :)


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