My Wife is Amazing: Of Ghostly Encounters

by the Left Coast Rebel

I just returned home from my Halloween/L.A. festivity, beer+candy, trick-or-treater harass, Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii until the wee hours of morn....

I'm tired, I need a weekend from my weekend. But truly, the most memorable thing of my near two-day-stay relates to my wife. With my blog she has always requested anonymity. Which is fine, she doesn't need the harassment or notoriety, (and nastiness that comes with it), and prefers to stay in the shadows with my endeavours, so to speak.

Which as I said is fine and quite funny, at least the shadows nod here, seeing as to how she is one of a kind:

Yes, for those who may not be aware, this is Mrs. LCR in ghostly-sheet form. The purpose and intent of which was to appear as a Halloween prop near the trick-or-treat candy,(the trickery!), then jump out of the shadows with a loud BOOOO! to scare the celebrators.

Which she did. She made a child cry, (and promptly took off the sheet and apologized thereof), she elicited a screech that sent a mother scurrying off in fright in addition to giving dozens of others the cheap-thrill of a ghostly encounter, (we're talking urban L.A. after all). It was funny. She sure is cool. And I'm glad to be able to put a picture of her on my blog.

Well, kind of a picture, at least. Now this Sunday evening I am going to hit up some big topics that I missed in the last 24 hours, top being the Dede/Hoffman NY-23 developments.


  1. too funny! the mario kart sounded great! me and the boys have mario kart marathons

  2. @ Unclogged - Thanks, yah Mario Kart is a total hoot, do you have it on the Wii? The steering wheel controllers are awesome!

  3. LCR, talk about a HOOT!! I LOVE this pic. of your sweetie pie! Though, I'll bet she's a whole lot prettier than a white sheet. ;)

    We had a ghoul, a crazed Wake Forest fan (yes, Mr. Sus & I are alums), & an angel. One of our neighbors did the same thing Mrs. LCR did, only w/ a werewolf mask. I was out w/ the little one & her friends - lots of little girl squealing (& a few tears) the point that they didn't even receive the candy intended for them. I & another mother had to approach the doorbell again, w/ little ones behind us, to face the bedeviled werewolf!

    Fun stuff!

  4. that's hilarious.
    wish we had trick or treaters so we could do that.


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