Lindsey Graham Stumps AG Eric Holder

by the Left Coast Rebel

I'll let this speak for itself:


SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM, (R-S.C): Can you give me a case in United States
history where a enemy combatant caught on a battlefield was tried in civilian

ERIC HOLDER, ATTORNEY GENERAL: I don't know. I'd have to look at that. I think that, you know, the determination I've made --

GRAHAM: We're making history here, Mr. Attorney General. I'll answer it for
you. The answer is no.

HOLDER: Well, I think --

GRAHAM: The Ghailani case -- he was indicted for the Cole bombing before
9/11. And I didn't object to it going into federal court. But I'm telling you
right now. We're making history and we're making bad history. And let me tell
you why.

GRAHAM: If bin Laden were caught tomorrow, would it be the position of this administration that he would be brought to justice?

HOLDER: He would certainly be brought to justice, absolutely.

GRAHAM: Where would you try him?

HOLDER: Well, we'd go through our protocol. And we'd make the determination about where he should appropriately be tried. [...]

GRAHAM: If we captured bin Laden tomorrow, would he be entitled to Miranda warnings at the moment of capture?

HOLDER: Again I'm not -- that all depends. I mean, the notion that we --

GRAHAM: Well, it does not depend. If you're going to prosecute anybody in civilian court, our law is clear that the moment custodial interrogation occurs the defendant, the criminal defendant, is entitled to a lawyer and to be informed of their right to remain silent.

The big problem I have is that you're criminalizing the war, that if we caught bin Laden tomorrow, we'd have mixed theories and we couldn't turn him over -- to the CIA, the FBI or military intelligence -- for an interrogation on the battlefield, because now we're saying that he is subject to criminal court in the United States. And you're confusing the people fighting this war.

Perhaps we have a runner-up for Man Child in Chief next to only the Chief himself. A flagrant show of dangerous naivety.

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  1. You've got to give Graham a lot of credit for this.

  2. I was screaming at the television today while I was watching this. I couldn't understand why no one called him on the fact that the firm he worked for was part of the reason that the prosecutions have been slowed. They represented 17 detainees. Now, he has the audacity to say it is past time that they be handled. KSM pleaded guilty several months back. Than Obama put all tribunals on hold. The hypocrisy is stunning.

  3. I saw this on C-Span. While Graham's RINO tendencies sometimes drive me crazy, I think he grew a set yesterday. He exposed Holder for what he is...a flaming liberal with no sense of honor for the victims of terrorists. The man is to the office of AG that BHO is to the presidency: a disgrace.


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