Friday the 13th for Liberals Across America: Black Conservatives on the Glenn Beck Show!

by the Left Coast Rebel

Earlier today I put out a request to Stogie at Saberpoint and Carol at No Sheeples Here. I had a simple idea of promotion for the upcoming appearance of Clifton from Another Black Conservative, Mary Baker and Adrienne Ross of Motivational: Truth on the Glenn Beck Show.

A spooky, Friday the 13th themed-graphic for promo, being that these conservative black blogger-heroes will appear on.....

Friday, November 13th.

Thanks to Stogie and Carol for the graphic, support this showing of these 3 wonderful Americans by putting this graphic up at your site. Feel free to promote to pass it along as well.

Way to go guys and we'll all be watching!

UPDATE: Stogie also edited this graphic, specifically for your sidebar; use it freely:


  1. awesome!!!!! thanks! I will put this on my facebook, I seem to get more reactions I have about 23% liberal democrats for friends....

    funny, they delete me from time to time...

  2. FYI - I posted based on your Saturday post here, with links to you and Cliff, as well as Maria and Adrienne. I wasn't sure if Mary was going to be on so I didn't list her. Anyway.. spreading the word!

  3. @ Unclogged - Thank you!

    @ Soloman - Thanks man, I'll return the linky-love for that!

  4. I am pleased to pass the word and use the graphic. Great job.

  5. Very nice. Got to love technology. I'll be promoting at my site.

  6. Posted this morning bright and early as well and sent out some e-mails to.

    Looking forward to a great show.

  7. Speaking of boycotting Fox News…this happened coincidentally shortly after Imus joined FBN. Everyone remembers how MSNBC -CBS and WFAN and their advertisers were threatened with a boycott. Hmmm they couldn’t make a boycott of Glenn Beck work so they threatened a whole Cable News Channel with boycott.

    The first day Imus broadcast he raised FBN’s morning slot rating by 1500%

    ChannelXRFR is back blogging on Imus Times HERE.

  8. @ RG and TCL - Thank you!

    @ C-Gen - Indeed you do!

    @ Les - Thanks as well.

    @ KJ - I'll check that out!

  9. @KJ:
    Imus sucks. He's a left wing idiot in left GOP clothing. A RINO talk show host at best that at times is an apologist of Obama. He thought McCain was right wing and Palin was a pre-historic creature. The said thing is he replaced a great show, Curtis and Kuby. The only thing good about his show is Rob Barlett, although his Italian is a bit off at times.


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