Fort Hood Massacre: Obama's Frightening Insensitivity

by the Left Coast Rebel

Obama's press conference for me was yesterday's WT* moment, mind you He was privy of the massacre yet felt His need to shout-out to friends and ramble on for before expressing sorrow for Fort Hood. Always trust your gut as they say, when I rushed in to the living room from the office yesterday, I didn't know what to think of it and Him. You?

Always trust your gut. Incompetence? Malfeasance? Sheer stupidity on His part? Truth to Power. Or was that Power to Truth? Well it seems that I'm not the only one that saw this glaring example, NBC Chicago:

President Obama didn't wait long after Tuesday's devastating elections to give critics another reason to question his leadership, but this time the subject matter was more grim than a pair of governorships.

After news broke out of the shooting at the Fort Hood Army post in Texas, the nation watched in horror as the toll of dead and injured climbed. The White House was notified immediately and by late afternoon, word went out that the president would speak about the incident prior to a previously scheduled appearance. At about 5 p.m., cable stations went to the president. The situation called for not only his trademark eloquence, but also grace and perspective.

But instead of a somber chief executive offering reassuring words and expressions of sympathy and compassion, viewers saw a wildly disconnected and inappropriately light president making introductory comments. At the event, a Tribal Nations Conference hosted by the Department of Interior's Bureau of Indian affairs, the president thanked various staffers and offered a "shout-out" to "Dr. Joe Medicine Crow -- that Congressional Medal of Honor winner." Three minutes in, the president spoke about the shooting, in measured and appropriate terms.
Who is advising him?

Anyone at home aware of the major news story of the previous hours had to have been stunned. An incident like this requires a scrapping of the early light banter. The president should apologize for the tone of his remarks, explain what has happened, express sympathy for those slain and appeal for calm and patience until all the facts are in. That's the least that should occur.

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  1. I was quickly reminded of the attacks on George W. Bush after 9/11 when Bush chose not to panic the children.

  2. Since the shooting occurred on a military base, I can see why he had other priorities. From observation, Obama puts his image before our brave men and women in uniform. It's made disturbingly clear by his mishandling of Afghanistan.

    God bless our troops, at home and abroad. They make sacrifices every day to keep the rest of us safe.

  3. @ BB - Me too.

    @ Lyzar - Yes, it is clear with this incident too.

  4. I don't want to be upset about this. My personal belief is that I want to elevate the poltical dissent that happened during the Bush Administration. But, after watching it; yeah not good. Insensitive stupidity is the nicest word that describes this.

    Ok, a letter from you was dropped off your congressional office. He wouldn't talk to anyone. I don't know about him, so I am not sure if that is a surprise to you or not. I didn't go to your office, by that point I had already moved to the Senate offices. I got away from the congressional offices once they started arresting people.

    the letter had just a few lines from the bill, that are of particular outrage. I also included your blog address. So, maybe they will look it up. who knows?

  5. Amen, Bill. How difficult it must be to fight for a President who does not value you.

  6. Comparing this to Bush's 'pet goat moment' is apt, in that neither should have occasioned the kind of outrage you're trying to foment here. They're screw-ups, nothing more. Bush and Obama are human. They had brain f!rts at exactly the time when most people would have one -- in the face of a shocking, stressful event. We can wish our presidents were rocks of Gilbrater, but they're just hacks like the rest of us.

  7. I watched that speech live and was expecting some somber remarks. His "shout out" to his buddy really struck me as odd and inappropriate. At first I felt confused, thinking that Fox had replayed another speech from another time.

    Obama is a very strange individual.

  8. I sat on the couch stunned, waiting for BO to make his appearance..........When he swaggered out I KNEW something was wrong.....

    I was shocked that immediately he did not address the shooting at Fort Hood........... I was cursing at the TV at him for being such an arrogant ass.......... I was literally yelling in my living room at him. So much that my husband in the other room came running in.

    BO is a disgrace to our nation, he disgraced our troops, and showed yet again that he can give a flying fig about them or our Nation. He is the "all about me President". Gawd, I can't wait til he is out of Office. 1 year down 3 to go.

  9. Axelrod probably forgot to reprogram TOTUS

  10. Amen my friend. I posted on this story as well.

    He's being called out on this one by his own - in his own neighborhood.

    Prayers for all our soldiers and families at Fort Hood and around the world.

  11. @ Consgirl - Thank you for doing that, I will check in over at your site. You are awesome, if 1/2 of us worked 1/2 as hard as you we would get this country back to where it should be.

    @ John Stodder - Did you even read this post?

    @ Stogie - I thought the same thing. Obama is very strange, I just don't get it. What do people see?

    @ CPD - It's funny, I wasn't angry until much later. I was confused with his speech like Stogie above.

    @ LibertarianAdv - Indeed, Rahmbo as well.

    @ BeingRight - We are onto something with this story, a lot of troll activity.

  12. OH my I am glad I missed this before my drive down here. Otherwise I would be more angry than I am NOW. I was furious this morning to wake up to commentary all over the news and blogs, many people were responding with sneers at anyone suspecting an act of terrorism.....that angers me.

    I am praying for those in Ft. Hood, I am praying for all of our service members. I am praying for our president to actually be a leader...but I think he is far from decent at the job.

    Then, to make my temper boil more, I heard on the radio, a comment by the president, he was in effect admonishing the public to hesitate from drawing quick conclusions before all the facts were in......

    Your gut is NOT wrong, my gut is warning me...and my anger is has to stop.

    I truly believe there are more terrible things in store for us.....I am very sad for our families down there, YES, those are OUR families...not some distant face, OUR families!

    God bless our grieving families...

    I may be highly suspicious, but my gut tells me the first and totally false report that the monster who did this was dead, is NOT an accident or slip up...this was intentional...and I am unsure yet why, but my gut says there is more to this than we will know

  13. Given that Obama wrote (ok, Ayers, but it come out of his mouth in his audio book) that "when it comes to a comflict with the United States and the Islamic world, I will pick the sides of the Muslims every time." Well, folks, there you are. He was callous because he doesn't care about the men that were killed. The death of the men were in passing because it's of no concern to him. After 9-11 under Bush, we were not attacked on our soil. Now with BO and his apology tours, in less than a year, we've been hit three times now. If I was a member of a sleeper cell, I would be thinking how stupid and weak the US is if their own soldiers can't fight back aginst 1 to 3 nut jobs with two hand guns and one rifle. How many more are going to be enbolden now that three sucessful attempts have been made and they're getting more bold as they go.

  14. Are you freaking kidding me? He sounds like he's reading a grocery list! I've seen shock. I saw a great deal of shock all around me on 9/11 and the days that followed. What Obama displays is not shock, but pre lack of compassion and mere lip service. I think showing appropriate reverence for fallen soldiers is the least that ANY American can and should do! FIRST, a brief introduction to what happened, followed by a moment of silence for our fallen soldiers, THEN go ahead with the rest of the speech.

    I never understood why so many people were all for Obama in the first place. I watched several of his pre-election speeches. He said a great many things about hope and change, but never said he would actually DO anything. I expected him to do nothing. To go from an inept President to such an ineffective President is certainly disheartening!

  15. I was traveling in parts with extraordinarily slow connection speeds when this post first went up.

    Obama's NPD is in an extremely active phase. He manifests exactly ZERO empathy in that clip. He's not an emotionally well man.

  16. @ Lib Adv - Exactly, this proves that. Our entire society is at risk under this man.


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