Doug Hoffman Unconcedes NY-23: Glenn Beck Radio Show

by the Left Coast Rebel

How's that title for a barn-burner. I tracked down the clip from Beck's radio-show and found it via Think Progress of all places:

Hoffman -
There's a chance, it's a long shot but I'm from Lake Placid New York and I worked on the 1980 Olympic their CFO and we believe in miracles up here.

Manna from heaven for a political junkie, NY-23 has proved to be the gift that keeps giving. NPR today notes that the absentee counts that may go to Hoffman are impossible to predict -

Plus, we have no way of knowing where those absentee votes went. Many
military votes -- the district includes Fort Drum -- could very well have gone
to Scozzafava; Owens himself has Air Force credentials. So who knows? But we
should know soon.

And if you read the entire NPR piece you will not that they point to Scozzafava as the "liberal" candidate. Liberal being in quotations. Yes, really.

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  1. It took him long enough. He should have done it last week and got his attorneys watching the Democrats for foul play.


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