Anwar al Awlaki: Nidal Hassan Did the Right Thing

by the Left Coast Rebel

As a blogger I come across a lot of disturbing things on the Internet, especially fringe sites that are not frequented. I've seen everything, from folks calling Obama the 'N' word to those wishing ill on Sarah Palin's family. I've seen some disgusting stuff but this surely tops it. Being that I didn't have a blog during 9/11 I wasn't privy to jihadist material on the net.
The following is a posting from Imam Anwar al Awlaki's blog, I screen-shot it and cropped it, (just learning photoshop), in case this thing comes down:
Recall, Anwar al Awlaki is the former imam of the radical church in Virginia that Hasan allegedly attended, along with 3 of the 9/11 hijackers.

Can this story get any more bizarre? For anyone interested, go to Awlaki's site and read the comments on his "Nidal did the Right Thing" post. Frankly I was planning on listing several comments from jihadist-sympathisers but am not quite sure that it is safe to do so.

Check Atlas Shrugs for the best updates on this story.
UPDATE: Hasan, frequented local strip clubs as did the 9/11 hijackers. Bizarre.
HotAir : The FBI knew.


  1. I proudly wear the title of Infidel.

    I will not tolerate terrorists' intolerance

    There is a growing intolerance in myself for tolerance of political correctness.

    There is only one way to deal with murderers and terrorists. Negotiations, warm gestures, sanctions....are failures.

    Brute force, superior strength, unwavering commitment to defend the innocent are all that is left.

    I do not seek violence, but I will not surrender to EVIL terrorists.

  2. And Obama ignores the truth putting more Americans in danger.

  3. Absolutely disgusting. And in the name of free speech and political correctness, nothing will happen to this author. Yet, a white cop can't arrest a black professor w/o being called a racist.

    Personally, I'm fed up with this kind of garbage.

  4. This is shameful. Obama is complicit in this by his dithering. Next he'll be inviting Hasan over for a beer. God help America in the coming days.

  5. Well I think they have shut down his website or at least they will not let me get to it. It is a good thing you posted this for all of us Infadels to read.

    I think the murdurous act of this fantical religious extremeist was that of a total coward, who was even afraid to get out of the army, if he did not want to fight his muslim brothers. So he chose to do a cowardly attack on his military family instead. I have no sympathy for him and I hope the military has enough brains to keep him away from other military, so as to keep him from trying to convert other prisoners to the islamic faith along with his terrorist cowardly ways.

    The military needs to make sure that the ones who did nothing, when they knew of his possible terrorist connections and statements, are also removed from their positions or demoted a few ranks, to punish their incompetence. Some should possibly be charged with being an accomplice before the fact. The families of the victims need to send this outcry to the country. And with doing this, they will hopefully prevent any other military family from going through what they are going through.

    If they are allowed to give him a death sentence, I hope they give him 13 death sentences. Justice needs to be done.

    God bless.

  6. How can anyone saying that it's their duty, their only justification of joining our military, to commit teason and murder them and have that called free speech. Last I check, it's call treason or at least conspiricy to committ murder and for all to see. Given how BO and the media are making a victim out of this animal and letting fellow animals to propagate more acts of terrorism, how can anyone not see the writing on the wall? Now I wonder what's next because if one, JUST ONE, terrorist can muder 13 and wound 30 on one of our miltary base, what can they do with an oraganzied attack on a mall, a school, our public transportation, just killing at random, or other soft targets? I fear BO and the media just gave them the green light.

  7. What a bunch of rubbish is this blog post. I categorically reject the idea of a god, so I'm this loser's enemy.

    When your imaginary friend is telling you you're a better person than other people for political reason (eg. gay marriage, US foreign policy), that should be a sign to grow up and face the world based on observation and fact instead of faith.

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  9. @ Unclogged - I do too, you can't make this stuff up.

    @ BB, Goddess, Bunni - Excatly!

    @ mrsupole - Precisely.

    @ CJ - For a second there I thought you meant MY blog post, you are referring to the jihadist, right?

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  11. @was:
    I don't know where you get your facts, but you are so off base I have to say your opinion doesn't not balance anything and shows how ill-informed and ignorant you are and the people you think you represent.

    To say that they were not civilians is meaningless. It shows you support the terrorists and yes people such as Hasan are terrorists. Who would send their children, and I mean that literally, some of them mentally disabled, to blow themselves up. Only an idiot would support such beliefs that throw away their flesh and blood, but then again we are talking about people that have dhimmi and jizya, and whose values eschew freedom, democracy, and equal rights among ALL people.

    I want to be clear hear: I am not a pro-war LR. I do not believe in looking for trouble, but unless you live under a rock, trouble found us September 11, 2001. I do believe that it is in our very right to respond to those that are responsible for attacking us. You and your cohorts are fortunate I was not in charge...I may not start fights, but I finish them well.

    Lastly, wake up from the delusion that muslim's aren't responsible for their actions. May be you believe that your rules only apply to you, and you may act without consequence in this life or the hereafter while perpetrating acts of horror, but you are mistaken. God's laws (the ten commandments) apply to everyone and it's up to you to live up to them. Even you as a muslim are Noahide.

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  13. You don't refute jizya or dhimmi and you do not refute that islam was founded by a war mongering murderer. if you have such fondness for people of the book, then why dhimmi and jizya? Why compel people to convert or die?

    You also didn't answer promulgating killing your own children in the name of what you believe is god. While we are at it, I don't think we should have been in Iraq.

    As far as Afghanistan goes, I would have been out of there already as I would have had Bin Laden's head already and there is nothing else I would want there. As far as civilian casualties, I can't answer for that because I wasn't there. If someone screwed up, they need to answer for it.

    You also don't allow for the responsibility for terrorists actions. No one caused them to do anything but there own rational decisions.

    You talk out of your butt about munitions. The only munitions that use DU are projectiles used to penetrate tanks. They are fired from the M-l Abrams and the A-10 Warthog. As far as the effects, they effect people indiscriminately and if you notice, the majority of the war in Iraq has not been tank on tank, and there are no tank battles in Afghanistan.

    Lastly, you are misinformed because you start from the premise that Islam is correct and everything else is wrong. Your arguments are a priori and deduct nothing, but promote preconceived notions that you assert as fact.

  14. Was, you're nuts. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are the product of your false and evil religion, Islam. Islam has murdered 270 million people over the centuries since your false prophet created the fraud. Mass murder all over the world is carried out continuously by Muslims in the name of this evil and false religion. Essentially all wars or conflicts in the world at this time have Islam to blame.

    You mention the dhimmi tax that "infidels" had to pay in centuries past to keep drawing breath as they lived among their invaders and conquerors, the Muslims. They generally paid twice the tax that Muslims paid, were made to wear special clothes, wear different shoes on each foot and to shave their forelocks so they were readily identifiable as dhimmis. Dhimmitude was a form of slavery and humiliation for those conquered by your barbarian civilization. We will never submit to it. We will never be Islamic, you can count on it.

    Yes, we may be unsuccessful in Iraq and Afghanistan, but only if the left continues in power. Polls indicate that they will not.

    Eventually some of your barbarian brothers will smuggle an atomic weapon and take out an American city and then there will be no more debate about fighting wars in the middle east. Everyone will see the necessity of conquering the Muslim world, and it will be done.

    As for me, I look forward to a world where every mosque has been reduced to rubble and every Qur'an burned to ash. Your evil religion needs to join fascism and communism on the ash heap of history.

  15. This type of posts from Muslims literally breaks my heart into two. I am a muslim myself and I can not understand how Anwar al Awlaki can possibly justify this act of violence.

  16. This type of posts from Muslims literally breaks my heart into two from sorrow. I am a Muslim myself and I cannot understand how on earth Anwar al Awlaki can ever justify the attacks and violence that occurred at Ft. Hood. It is disgusting and seriously, Nidal did not have to join the army in the first place. He wasn't forced at gunpoint to join. So why did he? Ughh. =(


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