White House, Obama, Fox News - Free Press?

by the Left Coast Rebel

The overall Orwellian-ness of this story reminds me of the White house 'fishy' story a couple months back. I'm reading via Newsbusters that WH communications director Anita Dunn told Time Magazine that Fox News was "opinion journalism masquerading as news," and vowed to wage a war against the network.

Of ideas at least, but you get the point.

She went on to say that the administration plans on being ''more agressive rather than sit back and defend ourselves, because they will say anything. They will take andy small thing and distort it."

Of course, she didn't list any examples.
Oh yah, according to Time as well, Dunn is "a fierce critic of Fox News, leading the Administration's effort to block officials, including Obama, from appearing on the network."

Glenn Beck is apparently public enemy #1 as well. Shocker, I'm going to put up a few more videos of Beck to celebrate. I'm sure that he is proud of his influence, and laughing all the way to the bank, as would I if my punditry were of such success.

The lone non state-directed press outlet on the prowl, out to get the poor little White House cronies.
Prepostorous, simply prepostorous. This administration can't handle a lone network that carries a good portion of punditry and content that is critical? They can't stand the fact that Glenn Beck for God's sake, is an ardent critic? They feel this to be a threat to their well being? This Dunn has even banned the Obamanation from Fox News?

Well if Fox News is so dangerous, loathesome and opinionated, what about these guys -
An effort to reach out to the world, despots come hitha'.......
The handshake heard around the world.......You get the idea........

Via Memeorandum I am reading that this is a continuing story, White House Communications Director Anita Dunn appeared Sunday on Reliable Sources to discuss her comments in my TIME magazine. Let's just say that she thinks Fox News is a 'wing of the GOP'. Prepostorous. Read more here. Here is the video -


  1. A thought: the more Fox News and/or we dissenters are the Evil Empire's diversion from their daily evil doings, maybe the less damage they can do to US?? No legislation passed, no damage done. See where I'm going with this? :) They remind me of the Holy Scripture (paraphrasing), they "strain at a gnat, but swallowing a camel".

  2. The one who dares to say that the Emperor has no clothes must be silenced.

  3. Obama may not like Fox news but if he wants to get his message to those who see things differently, Fox is the network Obama must use. The Peacock has list almost it's entire viewership. Jay Leno has lost 70% of his viewership. This is not an aberration but the norm among the communist 3 networks especially news and politics is massive losses in viewers. Obama can preach to his followers all he wants. His poll numbers will continue to drop as long as his regime ignores and avoids Fox. Unlike those who watch Mrsnbc, CtheBS ABC/C/NN, we don't just blindly follow fox. Yesterday I did a post named "my beef with fox news" where I took issue with some of their reporting, honestly. Find me an NBC critic on Huffingwind post or the dailyghost. We have honesty on our side and obama does not. That is why he fears fox because hecwould be picking fights he could not win with propaganda and teleprompters

  4. Thank you for joining in the fight for our freedom of the press!!!
    Danielle @ SuburbanThinker.blogspot.com


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